Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Visiting San Juan, Puerto Rico

The city of San Juan enjoys an incredible location on the coast of Puerto Rico. The city boasts centuries old buildings, ancient military forts, warm tropical breezes, incredible museums, shopping and dining options. The heart of the city, Old San Juan, is a traveler's paradise. Stroll the cobblestone streets and enjoy the incredible architecture, visit significant ruins, the remains of Europe's military struggle in the Caribbean. Head to the beach or take in the bay, there are hundreds of things to do in town. Here are some of the top visitor attractions for your enjoyment.

The Casada Rosada - This lovely home, called the Pink House, was built for the Spanish military in 1812 and offers an incredible look at period architecture. Today, the home is used as a daycare center for government employees, though you can gaze with wonder at its beauty any time. This is a great stop on a walking tour of San Juan.

Casa Blanca - Just above Casada Rosada, you'll find Casa Blanca, the home of the descendents of the first governor, Juan Ponce de Leon. The home served as a residence for almost 300 years, though it has now been converted into a fascinating museum, offering a unique glimpse into family life in the 16th and 17th centuries. Stroll the gardens, examine the exhibits and enjoy the incredible history of this beautiful home.

Plaza de Hostos - Are you looking for great shopping in a cozy atmosphere? This small square is home to pirageros, snack shops, artists and more. Topical shaved ice, local snacks and cuisine and some of the best handcrafted items in Puerto Rico can be found in this one little spot.

San Juan Bay and La Casita - The crafts market outside La Casita is an excellent place to purchase almost anything, while San Juan Bay is fully visible from the area, as well. Head down to the bayside for some of the best shopping in the island. Gold and diamonds, silver and bronze, handicrafts and imported furniture all vie for dominance around the port. Sample amazing local rum, enjoy some of the best dining in the city and much more. This is a perfect starting point for a tour of the city, or a magnificent finish to a day of wonder and enjoyment. For those beginning their exploration here, follow the promenade out for a look at La Muralla, the city wall.

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