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Why You Should Invest in Puerto Rico Real Estate in 2023

 Puerto Rico shoreline

The year 2023 is right around the corner. Therefore, many of us are more than ready to make some New Year resolutions. One of those could sound a bit like this: I want to find an excellent real estate market to invest in in the upcoming year. If you've recognized your thoughts somewhere between those words, you're in for a treat. That's because we've prepared a neat little article on why you should invest in Puerto Rico real estate in 2023. Once you're done reading it, you'll quickly notice no place left for hesitation.

What's so special about Puerto Rico real estate market?

Let's go through the basics first. It's only natural for us to pose the following question: why's Puerto Rico's real estate market so special? Many folks say that the island in question is something you'd call a one-of-a-kind destination. Puerto Rico is a tourist paradise with its beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic all-year-round climate, and attractive architecture. That's only the beginning.

Here's the thing: as you might know, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. Therefore, US citizens are not restricted from buying property on the nearby island. Also, US citizens don't have to go through customs while traversing between the island and the US mainland. That's, among other things, why folks from the US see Puerto Rico as a phenomenal business opportunity and a place to go on a vacation.

Lastly, since the country emerged from bankruptcy this year, there's been a boom in the local real estate market. In the following paragraphs, we'll show why investing in Puerto Rico real estate might be pretty profitable!

The Puerto Rican flag If you're a US resident, you'll enjoy the closeness of this island country

Reason #1: There's a demand for affordable housing developments

Okay, so according to the folks over at the US Interagency Council, many Puerto Rico citizens face homelessness. Various natural disasters (most notably - hurricanes Irma and Maria) have done some good damage to local architecture and housing. If you're into numbers, 250 000 houses were damaged in this way or another. Around 70,000 were completely devastated. There hasn't been much improvement since the crisis began regarding affordable housing. There's still an enormous market demand for affordable housing developments all around the country. That could be your shot to build such projects, say the folks over at! As addiction treatment experts, they know how the lack of housing can affect a person's mental health and lead to substance abuse.

Reason #2: Legal protection and currency

As we've already mentioned, the island of Puerto Rico is a so-called unincorporated territory of the US. Its affiliation with the US enables investors to take advantage of certain benefits. Folks looking to relocate their companies to the island will enjoy some perks, too. For instance, the US dollar is the island's official currency. It's not hard to transfer capital in and out of Puerto Rico. Another thing: since Puerto Rico is a US territory, it facilitates official processes based on the US system under Federal Law. Therefore, (potential) investors will enjoy much greater legal protection than in other neighboring countries (not counting the US, of course).

A hundred-dollar bill The official currency is USD, making it easy to invest in Puerto Rico real estate

Reason #3: Tax incentives

We should've mentioned this as one of the first reasons to invest in Puerto Rico real estate. The country's government has made tax incentives under Act 60 to persuade and encourage (real estate) investors to establish their residences and business in Puerto Rico! Since the market flopped due to the natural disasters and the accompanying consequences mentioned above, the prices haven't risen for years. However, that all changed recently due to the tax incentives given by the island's government. You could say that right now is the perfect time for investing in Puerto Rican real estate market. Many foreclosures and distressed portfolios that "gathered dust" on the market have been sold. Don't waste this unique opportunity to earn a profit while the prices are still on the rise.

Reason #4: Perfect location

This one goes without saying: Puerto Rico enjoys a fantastic strategical location. Here's some info to back up that statement: due to its strong ties to the United States, there are direct flights from Puerto Rico to most major cities in the US. Let's try this: you'll need to fly 2.5 hours to Miami and a 3.5-hour flight away from NYC. Also, there are many international flights to various places around the world like Madrid, Frankfurt, London, etc. That's one of the reasons why many folks around the world (especially from the US) see Puerto Rico as an ideal holiday destination, and the demand is getting stronger. You could easily make some good money by obtaining a rental property there.

Reason #5: Puerto Rico has an infrastructure more sophisticated than its neighbors

As a United States territory, the island reaps benefits from a sophisticated infrastructure that's more or less lacking in other neighboring countries in the Caribbean. As always, let's provide some information to back that up. In addition to having the busiest airport in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has eleven seaports, 24k miles of highways, and the first rapid transit system in the Caribbean, the one that serves the San Juan metro area. Additionally, the island has high-speed broadband internet and a robust landline, wireless, cloud, ethernet, and other services.

A city port in Puerto Rico Puerto Rico has better infrastructure than the neighboring countries (not counting the US)

#6: Quality of life

Nowadays, Puerto Rico is one of the top destinations in the Caribbean. That's because it enables its residents to have a high quality of life—the country's home to some of the best hotels in the world. Most have world-class golf courses (Sugarcane Course at Dorado Beach, for instance). Speaking of this lovely sport, Puerto Rico is dubbed "the golf capital of the Caribbean." One can do many other activities on the island besides golfing (shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.). That means that Puerto Rico is booming at this very moment, and you need to take advantage of such a boom. The upcoming year might be when you venture into obtaining a property in Puerto Rico.

Closing thoughts: Invest in Puerto Rico real estate

Okay, folks, that's all we've prepared on why one should invest in Puerto Rico real estate during the upcoming year. As you could've read, the island's thriving real estate market is currently in a phase where things still haven't reached their maximum. That's an excellent opportunity to buy a property while the prices are still low and profit later.

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5 Puerto Rican Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss on a Miami Food Tour


Travelling is probably one of the most pleasant activities. It takes us of the monotony, providing with the chance to try different things and meet people from different cultures. Furthermore, travel give us the opportunities to learn about other cultures and their way of living.

Aside from visiting a city’s main attractions and enjoying the nightlife, taking food tours is an excellent way of getting an insight into a place’s customs. According to the World Food Travel Association (WDTA), “food tourism is the act of travelling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place”.

Food tourism is a growing business globally, since many have discovered that it combines two pleasant activities, such as travelling and eating. Therefore, almost every touristic destinations in the world have a food-related activity for visitors to enjoy the local cuisine.

Miami is one of the most important touristic destinations from the United States and the world. Aside from the beaches and the sunlight, Miami is a multicultural community within which population from many different backgrounds.

Puerto Rican are a huge community, so you while visiting Florida, you can enjoy a Miami Food tour and enjoy the most delicious dishes right from the island of enchantments.

Tasting Puerto Rico while in Florida

Many Florida Food Tour is worse trying. In addition, within the capital city, there are also amazing Miami Food Tour through which you can enjoy traditional dishes from old Caribbean Heritage.

The large Puerto Rican community in the city provides a great opportunity to taste the food from the island without leaving the United States.

Most of Miami Food Tour offer a combination of visiting different shops where you can taste some of the most representative dishes of the local cuisine.

If you love Puerto Rican culture and would like to taste some of the most traditional dishes, read the list below to learn about which dishes you should not miss.

Puerto Rican dishes

Also known as, the island of enchantments, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean Island incorporated to the United States.  Its culinary traditions are mixed with Caribbean heritage. Plantains, pork, and sofrito are the main ingredients used, along with some exquisite combinations.

Below, there is a list of the five most traditional dishes that you should not miss.

1.     Empanadillas

Even though empanadillas clearly come from Spanish traditions, in Puerto Rico they were reinvented. Puerto Rican empanadillas are usually filled with ground beef and potatoes and can be fried or baked, depending on the chef preferences.

One of the most particular things about empanadillas is that they are seasoned with sofrito and achiote.

Sofrito is made of browned onions, pepper and garlic, while achiote is a sweet nutty spice, which provides a unique taste.

2.     Rellenos de papa

Appetizers are a hit in Puerto Rican Cuisine, and rellenos de papa is one of the best of then. It is a mashed potato croquette filled with pork and, in some cases, ground beef. Rellenos de papa are also seasoned with sofrito, to provide an excellent snack to start lunch or dinner.

3.     Tostones and Maduros

As we mentioned before, plantains is one of the most important ingredients in Puerto Rican cuisine. The tostones are crunchy snacks made of fried green plantains. They can be served with a sprinkle of salt and garlic sauce. While the maduros are the plantains ripe, which is fried to provide the perfect sweet counterpart of tostones.

4.     Pasteles

Another platain dish is Pastel. This dish is steamed in a banana leave, which provides a unique flavor to the vegetables and meat inside. Pasteles are usually seasoned with yuca and served with pumpkin or potatoes.

5.     Pernil

Finally yet importantly, Pernil is a classic roasted pork shoulder characterized for a slow roasting that provides a unique taste and texture to the meat. Pernil is usually seasoned with garlic, pepper, oregano, along with other spicy ingredients. One of the highlights of Pernil is that, thanks to its cooking process, the meat is so tender that it can be eaten with just a fork, which makes it the perfect choice for making sandwiches.

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Countries Every Surfer Needs to Visit


Surfing is one of the best pastimes to adopt if you live near a beach. While your local beach may be great for learning, once you are confident in your skills, it can be a fun experience to travel and visit some of the best beaches around the world to test your skills and make new friends. You may even find your new favorite vacation spot while exploring these beaches.

South Africa

While South Africa may not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to surfing, it has some of the best beaches in the world. The long coastline and proximity to the low water temperatures of Antarctica create swells that are ideal for great surfing

The water is very cold, so make sure you are prepared with a quality wetsuit to keep from freezing, but the consistency of the waves and the long surfing season make up for the cold. Jeffrey’s Bay, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth are all some of the top spots to visit.


The Pacific coastline of Mexico is prime surfing real estate. Its proximity to California makes it a popular destination, but if you head further south, you will find beaches that are just as solid for surfing, but without the popular resort crowds. If you prefer a more luxurious experience, you can also find resorts that are perfect for your surfing trip. 

Punta de Mita resort in Mexico has many great places to surf. Mexico is a great place for your first surfing trip. It has more challenging spots if you want to stretch your skills, but plenty of the beaches offer beginner-level areas so you can get your feet under you in a new area.


Australia is well-known for its surfing. Just like South Africa and Mexico, it has a large amount of coastline, and the temperate waters make for regular swells that make up a good surfing beach. Bondi Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in the world, but it is also very crowded because of that. There are endless beaches, so choose where you want to go based on the experience you want to have while not in the ocean, not because of the waves. Additionally, because of the different weather patterns around the continent, no matter when you visit, you are bound to be able to find an area with beaches that have solid waves. Just make sure you pay attention to the weather and wave reports. If the local reports say it isn’t safe to surf, don’t go out. It can be incredibly dangerous.

Surfing can take you all around the world and give you the opportunity for amazing experiences. As you continue to develop your skills, make sure you make time to get to know the other surfers around you. While surfing may seem like a more solitary sport, there is an amazing community out there that you really should become a part of.


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Comite Noviembre Puerto Rican Artisan Fair


Come One, Come All!

To our Holiday Artisans Fair on

Saturday, December 17th, 2022 10AM to 5PM

White Plains Public Library @
100 Martine Ave (2nd Floor Gallery)

Support our artisans and give a unique, one of a kind hand made gift to loved ones and friends!


The White Plains Puerto Rican Cultural Committee has teamed up with PRIDA (The Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts) & Comité Noviembre to host this FREE, Family-Friendly event!

Support your local artisans this Holiday Season! 🎄

*Please Note- Masks Are Required

comite noviembre puerto rican artisan fair

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Coffee Haciendas in Puerto Rico You Cannot Miss

 Two people in one of the coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico

When thinking about the top famous coffee locations, you probably think of Colombia. However, did you know that Puerto Rico is also famous for these magic beans? This fantastic island has perfect conditions for growing coffee plants, which is why you can find many coffee haciendas all around it. This guide is for all coffee lovers out there! So, let's explore the best coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico that you should visit.

History of coffee in Puerto Rico

Coffee arrived on the island in the 1730s, during Spanish Colonial rule from Martinique. The development of coffee production increased dramatically over the next century, reaching over million pounds of coffee production in one year. The island was one of the top producers in the world and constantly improved the quality of the coffee. Even though the numbers were not as high after the USA took over, Puerto Rico is still one of the places known for high-quality coffee beans.

Puerto Rican flag on a beach

Puerto Rico has a rich culture, and it’s known for its high-quality coffee beans.

About Puerto Rico coffee

The island specializes in coffee arabica. It's the main species you can find here. However, there are several varieties of this type, that include Catimor, Bourbon, Pacas, and Typica. When it comes to coffee brands, there are several of them. Still, the most popular ones are Volcanica from Hacienda San Pedro, Café Yaucono Puerto Rican, Alto Grande, and Café Rico.

In Puerto Rico, cafes usually offer just a couple of coffee types. You can choose between espresso (pocillo), cortadito (an espresso shot with some steamed milk, similar to macchiato), and café con leche. In general, coffee serving is similar to Italian, as espresso is often served in small cups.

harvesting coffee beans

Beans that turn into your favorite cup of joy.

Where to try the best coffee on the island – coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico

Visiting a hacienda, also called a plantation, is undoubtedly one of the top attractions for tourists. Coffee lovers enjoy visiting these places to dig deeper into the coffee culture and learn more about the island's history. At the same time, you can enjoy some breathtaking views and experience the rural atmosphere. Visiting a hacienda is usually a part of an organized group tour, but you can also go on an adventure by yourself. Just be sure to check the working hours and contact the desired hacienda to see if they accept visitors at the time. Now it's time to help you with the itinerary – here are the best coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico you should include in your island exploration. 

Hacienda Buena Vista (Hacienda Vives)

This historical place was a coffee plantation started by Don Salvador De Vives in 1833. The plantation is located in Ponce and is surrounded by picturesque nature. This visit will show you the connection between coffee, mountains, water, and the people who lived there at the time. It's also marked by a period of slavery and presents an important historic spot on the island. You'll see machines that date from such a long time ago and still work without problems. This is a place worth visiting, so book your tour as soon as you arrive at the island. 

Hacienda Muñoz

Just a short ride away from Old Town in San Juan, you can find this fantastic hacienda that produces some of the highest-quality coffee on the island. You can go on a one-and-a-half-hour tour around the plantation, see the whole process of coffee production, and learn so much about the cup of joy you have each morning. The coffee produced here won many awards at international expos, so it's a place worth visiting. You can go on a tour on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and you don't need to make a reservation. 

Hacienda Pomarrosa

If you're looking for a place to go deep into the Puerto Rican mountains – hacienda Pomarrosa Coffee Lodge is the best spot. It's a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can enjoy the owners' hospitality and incredible views. And, of course, learn all about coffee making. Staying at this bed and breakfast is a great way to have a unique experience of Puerto Rico and see what it's really like to be on the island. Coffee tours are available every day except Sunday, and you'll need to make a reservation beforehand.

Coffee-making process on a wall in one of the coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico

Coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico show you the steps of the coffee-making process. 

Hacienda Tres Picachos

This family-owned hacienda is undoubtedly one of the places you shouldn't miss when visiting Puerto Rico. It's located in Jayuya, and you can reach it by driving through the picturesque mountains of Puerto Rico. With over 150 acres of coffee field, this plantation also includes a small antiquities museum, a water mill, and even a hanging bridge where you can take some Instagram-worthy photos. 

Love Puerto Rico?

Exploring coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico and the island may give you second thoughts about your current home. You'll be surprised how many people fell in love with the island and decided to move here. Being surrounded by nature and this unique culture, and with too many possibilities for remote work, many people chose to make this amazing island their new home. Experts from recommend you should be careful, though. Moving can be challenging if you don't take the process seriously and ensure every step of the way is secure and planned. Just be sure to trust professionals when it comes to moving your belongings, finding a home, and sorting out documentation, and you'll soon call Puerto Rico your new home.

Visiting coffee haciendas – be careful with caffeine intake

Coffee lovers might want to visit all the coffee haciendas in Puerto Rico quickly, tasting every kind of coffee they offer. However, this is where you should be careful – drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day is not advised, as Puerto Rican coffee usually has high caffeine levels. Taking too much caffeine can result in headaches, insomnia, and nervousness. All of which you want to avoid on this memorable trip to Puerto Rico. Choose your cups wisely and enjoy them soaking up the beauty of nature around you.

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Lenses Every Photographer Should Bring on Vacation

 [caption id="attachment_15958" align="alignnone" width="800"] Are you headed on a vacation over the upcoming holidays? If you’re planning on bringing your photography gear, make sure that you’re bringing the best lenses to capture some of the beautiful views on vacation. Here are a few lenses that every photographer should bring on vacation. [/caption]

A Standard Prime

First off, make sure that you’re bringing a standard, dependable prime lens. A standard prime lens has a fixed focal length with an average aperture. This type of lens can help you to get a shot with great optical quality and a focused, but slightly more shallow depth of field. With some standard prime lenses, you might need to bring a few different lenses to cover all of your photography bases. 

They might not have as extensive of a zoom feature, but you’ll love the beautiful shots that a standard prime lens helps you to achieve. Standard prime lenses also aren’t as expensive as other camera lenses, so this is a great option if you’re trying to get beautiful photography on a budget. 

A Versatile Zoom

Next, make sure that you pack a versatile zoom lens for your traveling. A versatile zoom lens will help you to get complex, close-up detail shots as long as ultra-wide shots. Anything 24mm or wider is an ideal choice for wide shots. 

Ultra-wide zoom lenses will help you to take beautiful shots that have a stunning panoramic look. There is no better way to capture a large, beautiful landscape than by using a versatile zoom lens. 

A Telephoto Lens

Finally, you should make sure that you have a telephoto lens in your arsenal for your photography vacation. Even if you’re not getting super serious about travel photography, a telephoto lens will help you to get some beautiful landscape shots. This will help you to dabble in some beautiful, detailed shots of some of your favorite travel landscapes and destinations. Telephoto lenses can help you to capture a wide angle of beautiful views while still bringing certain focal points into focus. You won’t ever regret bringing a telephoto zoom lens with you on your vacation. 

So, if you’re preparing to take a trip soon and are wanting to take some beautiful pictures of your destination, remember these lens tips. Make sure that you’re packing a standard prime, a versatile zoom, and a telephoto lens with the rest of your photography gear. This will help you to capture the most beautiful, unforgettable moments of your vacation.

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