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What to Do With Your Photos After a Trip


Quality photos are constantly becoming more accessible, and the cost of digital cameras is going down. The camera quality of smartphones is also increasing with each new model, making it easier than ever to capture photos of your trips. However, you may still be stumped about what to do with all of those photos. Finding ways to display and share your photos can help you remember those beautiful memories and places for years to come!

Create a Blog 

One of the easiest ways to share your trip photos is on a blog. Blogging doesn’t require any printing; all you have to do is download and upload your pictures onto a computer or laptop from your camera or phone. Then, upload these photos to a simple or elaborate blog website. Your blogs can be just for fun but can also be used to make a profit. If you are creating useful and high-demand content, ad networks may contact you to display ads on your blog. You will be compensated for allowing ads to run on your blog. Some ideas for blog topics showcasing your trip photos include your favorite places to visit or eat on the trip.  

Take Them to a Photo Lab 

If you are thinking about printing out physical copies of your photos to have around your home or office, consider taking your photos to a lab first. Photo labs produce much higher quality images than most things printed at home. Image enhancements can improve your photos before printing them. Going to a photo lab will help you be more satisfied with the overall quality and look of your photos before they are printed.

Make a Scrapbook 

Scrapbooking is a great way to showcase your trip photos because it uses many different elements to convey the overall feeling of the trip. You can personalize a scrapbook by adding unique elements like handwritten notes, plane tickets, or little drawings. These elements will help to provide context to and make your trip photos even more meaningful. Scrapbooking can also be a great family or friend activity.

Whatever you choose to do with your photos, make sure to display them somehow. Your photos should be remembered and seen instead of forgotten among hundreds of images on a camera roll. Showcase your trip photos in ways that feel meaningful to you and will help you reminisce fondly on your adventures.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Ocean Activities You Should Do in Puerto Rico


So, you’ve just booked your flights to beautiful Puerto Rico, and now you’re wondering what you should do while you’re there. Puerto Rico is famous for its tropical waters and pristine beaches, so you should definitely make sure you schedule in a few water activities while you’re there. Here are a few ocean activities that you should participate in while visiting Puerto Rico.


One of the most popular ocean activities in Puerto Rico is fishing. There are many fishing shops that line the beaches that will be able to outfit you with all the supplies that you need. Even if you’ve never been fishing before, experienced fishing crews will be able to help you to have a fun and memorable experience. When you’re choosing what beach to fish at, you should consider Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays. These bays have special microorganisms in the water that light up at night when touched or disturbed. Fishing in these waters can make for a magical experience.

Scuba Diving

Another fun ocean activity that you should enjoy in Puerto Rico is scuba diving. Generally, you’ll need to complete a scuba diving certification course before you can book a scuba diving experience. This requirement allows you to scuba dive in safety and take advantage of the time you have for the experience. Your scuba diving tour will help you to know what equipment you need before diving. They’ll likely supply you with equipment like diving regulators and wetsuits. More advanced diving regulators can help you breathe naturally while under water.


Don’t forget surfing when you’re scheduling fun ocean activities in Puerto Rico. Surfing is one of the most popular sports for tourists and natives alike. Some of Puerto Rico’s most popular surfing beaches are Isabela, Aguadilla, and Rincon. There are surfing classes and outfitters that will help you to ride on top of the waters. If you aren’t very confident in your surfing skills, you can also try paddle boarding. Paddle boarding also involves balancing on a board similar to a surfboard, but you are propelled by your own paddling rather than by the power of the waves beneath you. This activity is slower and more relaxing that can also help you to learn to balance, preparing you to surf later.

So, if you’re planning on visiting Puerto Rico soon, remember this article when you’re planning your itinerary. From fishing to scuba diving to surfing, there are so many great activities to entertain you at the beach, in addition to all of the sounds and sights of the island. Once you’ve seen and experienced the beauty of Puerto Rico, you’ll never want to go home!

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Monday, March 28, 2022

El Día de San Juan Salsa Festival



The Western Region Puerto Rican Council proudly welcomes you back to celebrate our 42nd annual El “Día de San Juan” Salsa Festival. For one full day, our festival will showcase some of the best salsa music that the Greater Bay Area has to offer. What else do we have to offer you ask? Plenty of food and beverage vendors serving your favorites, such as, pasteles, empanadillas, beer and wine, sno-cones, burritos and much, much more! Our merchandise vendors will thrill you with their festival apparel and crafts. All of that will keep you coming back for more! This is the festival to be at on a beautiful June Saturday!

After the past two years of uncertainty, treat yourself and your family to a fun filled day with mouthwatering food, good friends, and awesome music! Please do not forget your dance shoes! This is a day that you dare not miss! See ya there!

Saturday June 18th, 2022.  Doors open at 11AM til 7PM
5911 Mowry Avenue
Newark, Ca 94560
el dia de san juan salsa festival

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Puerto Rican Summit a Vision for the Future



The Summit finds it return to Orlando this Summer on June 8th - 10th 2022
at the DoubleTree by Hilton at SeaWorld

We have Sponsorship Opportunities available to support the Summit

For more information on Sponsorship and Booths and Displays
Please contact Luis DeRosa, Summit Organizer
email: | Phone: 954-914-9314

Thank you to our Previous Sponsors

AARP Florida Kissimmee Utility Authority
Ana G. Mendez University System
Borinquen Title Loans
Chamber of Commerce
Clean the World Foundation
DoubleTree by Hilton at SeaWorld
Dynamic Community Development Corporation
Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Gufiao Entertainment
Hispanic Federation
International Business Consultants of Puerto Rico
Kissimmee Utility Authority
La Prensa Orlando
Pan America Behavioral Health
Relax Records
Rums of Puerto Rico
TD Bank
The Moore Agency
Vista Security
Wyndham Destinations

A Special Thank you to our Collaborating Chambers of Commerce:

Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of San Juan Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of South Florida

Friday, March 25, 2022

New York National Puerto Rican Day Parade

 MARK THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR!! The annual 2022 Puerto Rican Cultural Festival will be held on Saturday, May 28 at 152nd Street & Jackson Ave in El Bronx, NYC. Then it's back on 5th Ave as the traditional annual parade returns to Midtown Manhattan

New York National Puerto Rican Day Parade 2022

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Dia de San Juan Festival 2022


Dia de San Juan Festival 2022
Sunday June 26
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
25th Anniversary Celebration
Rainbow Lagoon Park, Long Beach CA.


Phil Robinson y La Sonora Pa Gosa
Guicho Vasquez y La Tribu
Bobby Escoto y Afro Son
Gabrielito y La Verdad
Carlo Lopez y Echo Park Project

DJs Rumbero y DJ Papo

657-459-6053 / 714-337-9419

More Information

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Dia de San Juan Festival 2022

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Understanding The Tarot Yes No And Its Arcana


Have you recently embarked on a journey into the mystical world of Tarot? Would you like to get started on something you have always wanted to, but are overwhelmed by the amount of information? Regardless of where you are currently on your journey with Tarot, there is always room to grow!

Whatever stage you're at in your Tarot reading journey, whether you're looking for some Tarot tips to improve your technique or have decided to take an extended reading break altogether, everyone can benefit from some Tarot practice exercises from

Whether you're new to Tarot or a budding reader, today we're going to talk about some Tarot practices for beginners that can help you succeed.

I Don't Know Where To Begin?

It is understandable that you feel overwhelmed when entering this centuries-old practice with such a rich history. It is important to note that once you have a basic understanding of how a Tarot deck works, you can decide how to interpret the rest on your own.

The good news is that anyone can read the Tarot despite the mystique surrounding the powerful 78 cards, making it a uniquely personal journey.

Therefore, it is essential for you to locate practices, techniques, and exercises that can improve your relationship with the Tarot and speak to you personally.

Therefore, it is fine to focus on the practices that call for it first and eliminate those that do not. Don't forget that you are the captain of your own Tarot journey at the end of the day!

1. Letter A Day Is A Great Place To Start

A daily apple keeps a doctor away, according to the old adage. If you have to learn the meanings of 78 cards and other Tarot spreads, and you have to factor in Tarot reversals, the task seems a bit daunting to a beginner.

You may be good at memorization, but whether you are or not: drawing just one card each day, allowing its meaning to distill for 24 hours, and setting a clear intention to connect will do wonders for your relationship with the Tarot.

Besides having a healthy effect on the soul, mindfulness in this way also allows you to look beyond the basic Tarot keywords in a more profound way.

2. Utilize The Arts, Music, And More

Many intuitive people also possess a high level of creativity. But what if you combined those two abilities?

Studying Tarot in conjunction with a creative hobby or passion has a host of benefits.

No matter what you want to do, from creating playlists that reflect different Tarot cards, writing a dramatic story around the court cards, or illustrating alternate Tarot card art (for a bigger project, create your own Tarot deck! ), there is no shortage of ways to combine your love of art with your love of Tarot.

It may never be possible for some to really memorize the Tarot's key words. Tarot reading can sometimes be advanced by exercising the creative muscle.

From, you can play a little game that helps you learn the meaning of each card's keywords

3. Connect To The Deck:

You may be familiar with the concept of "linking" with a Tarot deck.

Although the idea of establishing a deep connection with an inanimate object seems silly, the practice of doing so has been practiced since ancient times.

It is important to have the intention to establish a strong bond with your Tarot deck regardless of how you break the ice. Although you may own the same Tarot deck as someone else, your relationship with it will look a bit different.

It is important to remember to keep things personal when reading the Tarot, as with many other tips and tricks.

4. Perfection Comes From Practice

Unsurprisingly, reading Tarot cards is one of the best ways to get out of Tarot study and into Tarot reading.

There may still be times when you feel uncomfortable reading, even with friends and family. It is still possible to jump into an easy Tarot reading without first setting the tone with other readings.

It's also possible to read on your own (on topics like the day you're going to have or a hobby you wish to work on) or even to read fictional situations and stories to learn how to put a whole together.

One of the most important things to remember is that Tarot practice is so called for a reason. It's inevitable that mistakes will be made, and that's fine!

5. A Lot More Than Letters

It is one of the main purposes of acquiring a Tarot deck or Tarot practice to find a personal connection and to deepen understanding of the cards.

The end goal of divination is to help you dive deeper into your innermost truths and deeper into your world of reality.

It may be necessary to take a break if obstacles arise with Tarot or perhaps turn to alternative divinatory methods, such as astrology. Whatever works for you!

Deepening your connection with the universe, the world around you, and, most importantly, yourself is to deepen your connection with the Tarot.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Enabling Continued Improvement to Road Safety in Puerto Rico


The US Department of Transportation has recently announced the total allocation of $1.14 billion to repair bridges and roads in Puerto Rico and four other territories. The funding has been granted through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and, this fiscal year, $219 million will be made available to the territories. As well as promoting economic growth and creating new jobs, improving infrastructure in Puerto Rico will create more sustainable and resilient roads that are also safer for all users from large commercial truck fleets to more vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians. While Puerto Rico has already been recognized for its commitment to improving road safety, further measures are being implemented in order to help meet Vision Zero targets in the near future.

Reducing Liability Risks for Fleet Managers

While Implementing measures to reduce the risk of accidents is essential, the performance and safety of vehicle fleets in Puerto Rico will be greatly improved now that 3G networks are being disconnected and replaced by 4G capabilities. This is because faster and more responsive devices will allow both drivers and fleet managers to monitor vehicle performance and act quicker in the event of an emergency.  Small business owners are still more vulnerable to the unexpected costs of litigation, and for companies that also manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, legal risks can include liability for road traffic accidents and injuries. While it is important to ensure they have adequate cover if a case is brought against them, many small firms find the upfront costs of legal services prohibitive. In this situation, contingency attorneys can offer an affordable alternative as they only require payment if the case they are instructed to work on is successful.

Rewarding a Culture of Road Safety

The latest figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show the highest percentage increase in road fatalities in the US and its territories since the first official crash data recordings began in 1975. According to the US Department of Transportation, over half of the expected 40,000 fatalities occurred in just 15 states and Puerto Rico alone. Despite these figures, the number of traffic deaths has reached historically low numbers in Puerto Rico. In recognition of the island’s developing culture of road safety, the Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works was recently awarded a global safety award by the International Road Federation (IRF). The award was presented on the last day of the IRF’s safety conference focusing on Latin America’s Vision Zero, a highway system without any fatalities or serious injuries.  Fifty years ago, Puerto Rico was the first US jurisdiction to require the use of safety belts and, since the implementation of the Strategic Highway Safety Plan 8 years ago, a range of sectors have continued to work together to further improve levels or road safety.

The combination of funding for improvements to road infrastructure together with advances in vehicle connectivity will help Puerto Rico to continue to improve levels of road safety.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Five Famous Puerto Rican Athletes

Many of Puerto Rico's sports stars have excelled in Major League Baseball 

Many of Puerto Rico's sports stars have excelled in Major League Baseball

For such a small island, it is incredible how many elite sports stars and athletes Puerto Rico has produced. Whether it is those living there, or from the wider diaspora, Puerto Ricans have represented their homeland at the very top stage of international sports. 

Baseball and boxing have been two of the major arenas of sporting excellence and many of Puerto Rico’s most famous sons and daughters have featured on the best betting sites and the sports pages over the years. Here are five of the very best. 

Roberto Clemente, Baseball 

Roberto Clemente was the first Latin American or Caribbean player ever to be inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame and forced a change of the eligibility rules to do so. Clemente won four batting titles as a Pittsburgh Pirate and had his 3,000th base hit with his very last at bat in 1972.

Clemente was almost as well known for his charity work and helped deliver baseball supplies and aid in Latin America in the offseason. He died in a plane crash in 1972 as he sought to help the people of Nicaragua after a devastating earthquake. The Pirates retired the number 21 in his honor. 

Felix Trinidad, Boxing

 ‘Tito’ Trinidad is routinely referred to as the greatest Puerto Rican boxer of all time and held a number of belts during a career that lasted nearly 20 years. He turned professional at the age of 17 and won his first welterweight world title just three years later, beating Maurice Blocker in two rounds. 

In a long career he defeated the great Oscar De La Hoya as well as moving up weights to fight the likes of Bernard Hopkins. He retired for the final time after losing to Roy Jones Jr. in 2008, with a record of 42 wins from 45 fights. That included going the first 40 fights unbeaten.

Puerto Rican Flag on the beach 
any elite athletes have represented Puerto Rico on the world stage.

Monica Puig, Tennis 

Monica Puig became the first Puerto Rican in history to win a gold medal at an Olympics when she beat Angelique Kerber in the women’s tennis final in Rio in 2016. She also became only the second ever unseeded player to win an Olympic tennis medal. 

As well as winning medals at numerous Pan American Games and Central American and Caribbean Games, Puig has eight career titles and has competed at majors on a regular basis. 

Carlos Arroyo, Basketball 

The NBA has seen a number of Puerto Rican basketballers over the years, but Carlos Arroyo is probably the most well known. After playing college hoops in Florida, Arroyo returned to play professionally in Puerto Rico in 1996. He was signed by the Toronto Raptors in 2001 and went on to play for six other NBA teams as well as in Turkey, Spain and Israel. 

It was while he was playing for Maccabi Tel Aviv that he won the league championship and was named as the finals MVP. Arroyo was also part of the Puerto Rico national team that defeated the US at the 2004 summer Olympics. After retiring from the game he became a reggaetón star. 

Ivan Rodriguez, Baseball 

Nicknamed Pudge and I-Rod, Ivan Rodriguez is regarded as one of the best ever catchers to play the game and was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007, his first year of eligibility. He is most well known for his two stints with the Texas Rangers, but won a World Series with the Florida Marlins in 2003. 

As well as winning the World Series and playing for seven Major League Baseball teams, Rodriguez was a 14-time All-Star, won 13 Golden Glove Awards and seven Silver Slugger Awards. His number 7 was retired by the Texas Rangers and he was selected as a Puerto Rico shadow representative in 2017.

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Catano Puerto Rico

Catano Puerto Rico

Catano Puerto Rico is unique for many reasons. It is the smallest city on the island, at only five square miles of territory (12.5 km2), but has a big influence on the local culture. Located across the bay from San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, and bordered on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean, the city has long been an important port and access point for the island.

The city of Catano was originally founded in the late 1920s and named after its founder, Hernando de Catano, one of the first physicians to arrive during the era of Spanish colonization. Over time, the city grew over the flat plains of northern Puerto Rico and became one of the most notable areas of the island. The heart of the city is the central plaza, a place for official and unofficial events and home to the municipal buildings and the Parroquia Nuestra Señora del Carmen Roman Catholic church. Here, people gather to socialize from daybreak to sunset. Every July, a patron saint festival is held in the plaza in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel featuring parades, amusement rides, live entertainment, regional food, and games.

There is a ferry service still in operation that has traveled between Catano and Old San Juan since 1853, taking travelers on the five-minute trip across the bay every 30 minutes 7 days a week. The ferry pier is a great jumping off point for an adventure in Catano. During the trip across the water, travelers will see large cruise ships docked as they prepare to set off to other exotic locations. They will also be able to see the Castillo del Morro, an impressive six-level fortress built to protect the island from sea-faring attackers.

Near the Catano ferry terminal is the Bahia Viva waterfront boardwalk. Stretching about 1.5 miles (2.4 km), the boardwalk has a variety of activities available for people of all ages to enjoy. There are people walking their dogs, others jogging or biking, and some just strolling along enjoying the artwork and sculptures along the way. There are playground areas for kids, exercise areas with communal equipment, and fishing areas surrounded by beautiful scenery and cooling breezes.

The waterfront area also has an elevated boardwalk and a stage for music and other types of entertainment. Restaurants, bars, and snack shacks offering a wide variety of local delicacies can be found along the long promenade. Near the end of the walkway, there is a painted pyramid and the ruins of an old church.

Casa Bacardi

The ferry port is also close to the Bacardi Rum Plant, one of Puerto Rico’s most popular tourist attractions. The plant, which started operations in 1936, covers 127 acres and processes roughly 100,000 gallons of rum daily. Visitors can take a 45-minute historical tour that explores Bacardi's past and taste a free rum cocktail. There is also a 90-minute tasting tour where guests can sample five different types of the brand’s liquors and a 90-minute mixology class where guests can learn how to craft the perfect rum cocktail.