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Puerto Rico Destination Weddings: No Longer Reserved For The Wealthy


For a long time the destination wedding, a wedding combined with a vacation for the couple, wedding party, and guests, was an exotic treat attainable only by the extremely wealthy. This is no longer the case as destination weddings have, in recent years, become an attainable and attractive alternative for more and more couples seeking to put an enjoyable romantic spin on their nuptial occasion. Destination wedding planners like to advertise that the destination wedding can cost thousands less than a traditional wedding. While this may or may not be true, depending on what a particular couple plans to spend on their traditional wedding as opposed to what they’ll have to spend for a destination wedding, it is certainly a fact that a destination wedding is no longer completely out of the question for the average couple. If you’re interested in celebrating your own marriage ceremony with a destination wedding, here are some helpful pointers that can have you enjoying your wedding in a vacation locale without completely emptying the coffers.

Your Destination Doesn’t Have to be Distant

One of the truly beautiful things about living in the United States is that we have vacation spots nearly everywhere. By planning your destination wedding in a place that is relatively close to home, you can save considerably on airfare or other travel arrangements. Do you live on the East Coast? Make Orlando, Florida your destination and enjoy your honeymoon with Mickey Mouse. Already in Florida and been to Disneyworld far too many times? Set your sights on the Big Apple and enjoy a destination wedding in the City that Never Sleeps. Maybe you’re in the Midwest? If so a destination wedding in Chicago may have just the right romantic touch for you. You could also consider heading south to Texas to visit the Alamo. Live in the Southwest or Northwest? Then Las Vegas and Los Angeles are mere hours away by plane. The point is that your destination wedding doesn’t have to be held in London, Paris, or Munich to be an event you will remember fondly and cherish forever.

Plan Ahead and Get Group Rates

Everyone knows that air passage costs less when booked and purchased well in advance. Be sure to make the reservations for your destination wedding far ahead of time to get the best value for you and your guests. Also, utilize the services of a talented travel agent who can negotiate your airfare and hotel accommodations all together. Doing so can save you an amazing percentage of the overall cost of your destination wedding.

If There’s an ‘Off Season,’ Take Advantage of It

Many of the vacation spots around the country have an off season where the rates for hotels, airfare, and attractions are quite lower than they are during their busier times. By planning your destination wedding during these non-peak times you can save money and enjoy your destination when there are fewer tourists getting in the way of your enjoyment.

Puerto Rico Destination Weddings

Puerto Rico Destination Weddings, Inc., is Puerto Rico’s leader in small weddings and elopements. We perform more destination weddings on the enchanted island of Puerto Rico than anyone else, and we are experts in the legal and documentation requirements to get married in Puerto Rico. We have intimate knowledge of the most scenic and beautiful locations and are always on the search for the most beautiful places for a Puerto Rico destination wedding. We believe in small, simple, stress-free wedding experiences, and letting the beauty of nature speak for itself.

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Achiote Puerto Rican Restaurant

 Achiote Puerto Rican Restaurant

Achiote Puerto Rican Restaurant

12325 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32837

Tuesday - Thursday 12AM – 8 PM
Friday and Saturday 12AM – 8 PM
Sunday 12 AM –8 PM
Closed on Mondays

CALL: 407-219-4089

  • ​Full bar
  • We cater to you
  • Order ahead and pick-up
  • Families welcome
  • Private dining areas for groups
  • Open for lunch and dinner
  • Special music nights

Achiote is authentic.

A restaurant owned by Puerto Rican chefs who want to share their cuisine and the Puerto Rican experience, with everyone who visits or lives in Orlando.
Foods not often found off the island, are here.
Every day we make them from family recipes, from scratch in the restaurant kitchen.
No shortcuts, just a love for Puerto Rican food.
Our full bar even has cocktails you can't find elsewhere.
Come for lunch or dinner, meet us, taste our food, and you'll know and love Puerto Rico.

Our Menu

Achiote is famous for our made-here Mofongos!  Choose dishes with pork, chicken, steak, shrimp, fish and many other options - including lobster.

Achiote Puerto Rican Restaurant

Celebrate at Achiote​

Ask About Our
Live Music, Holiday and Special Menu Items

​We know our customers like to celebrate and we hope you choose us. We have areas of the restaurant that are semi-private or depending on the date and time, you can take over the entire restaurant.
We also cater to you! Please ask for details.

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An Introduction to the Tarot


introduction to the tarot

What is the Tarot?

The tarot is a deck of 78 cards, featuring illustrations that can be interpreted in various ways. The deck is divided into two sections, called the major arcana and minor arcana. The major arcana features the 21 trump cards, and the minor arcana is divided into four suits (wands, pentacles, cups and swords) each with cards featuring the numbers 1-10, an ace and four court cards (the Page, Knight, Queen and King).

Origin of the Tarot

The oldest known tarot cards originated in 15th century Italy. The tarot appears to have started life as a card game, and was at first restricted to the wealthy upper classes, although after the invention of the printing press, the cards became more widely available. Some writers have claimed (despite the apparent lack of evidence) that the imagery of the tarot cards suggests a more ancient origin, and have connected the tarot with such cultures and traditions as the ancient Egyptians and the mystical Hebrew Kabbalah.

Later Developments

It was not until the 18th century that the cards became associated with the occult and mystical activities for which they are often known today. This began in 1781, when the freemason Antoine Court de Gebelin made the claim in his work 'Le Monde Primatif' that tarot cards contained hidden meanings (which he associated with the ancient Egyptians) that could be used for divinatory purposes.

Since then other mystic and magical traditions, such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, have claimed that the tarot has ancient roots, together with hidden wisdom to impart to those seeking enlightenment. The tarot was especially popular among such groups in the 19th century.

The tarot became more widely known with the publication of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot in 1910. Arthur Edwards Waite was a Golden Dawn member, and in this new deck, drawn by the artist Pamela Colman Smith, images with occult symbolism were included on the numeric cards, as well as the trump cards. This deck was very successful (and remains popular today), and since then, hundreds if not thousands of diverse new decks have been published, with many enthusiasts creating their own.

Uses of the Tarot

The tarot has several distinct uses, including:
1. Games
This was its original use, and it is still used for gaming purposes in some European countries.

2. Psychology
Carl Jung was the first mainstream psychologist to attach meaning to the tarot cards, when he associated them with the fundamental archetypes that he believed to reside in the collective human unconscious. Several therapeutic techniques involving the tarot have developed from this insight.

3. Inspiration
Many artists and writers have produced works inspired by the tarot.

4. Divination
Fortune telling is perhaps the most common use associated with the tarot. The images on the cards may help the person seeking the reading to tap into their own subconscious knowledge. Others believe that the cards themselves hold some kind of inherent divinatory power, which may be read by a skilled person. For this reason, handling another person's cards is generally frowned upon in occult circles, as their energy could become contaminated.

Doing a Reading

There is no set method for performing a divinatory tarot reading. However there are several popular layouts or 'spreads', with perhaps the most well known being the Celtic cross. This is usually the first method taught to beginners, although it is by no means the most simple. Experienced tarot readers will often invent their own spreads, with their own means of interpretation.

Once the cards are selected by the person receiving the reading, the reader lays them out in a spread and analyses them, taking into account the positions relative to each other, the symbolism of the individual cards, and their position (upright or reversed).

Meaning of the Cards

There is no generally agreed upon interpretation of the tarot cards. They all have imagery of varying degrees of complexity, and the wide range of decks available makes the situation even more difficult. Nevertheless there is a huge amount of writings available on the symbiology of the tarot, and on the most basic level, the 22 major arcana cards are thought to represent the journey of the Fool from ignorance to enlightenment.

In addition, the minor arcana cards have their own symbolism. The numbers are most obviously associated with numerology, and the suits are linked to the four elements (Swords=Air; Cups=Water; Wands=Fire; Pentacles=Earth). The tarot has also been linked with other mystical and occult systems such as the I Ching, astrology, and the Kabbalah.

Choosing a Tarot Deck

There is a huge range of tarot decks to choose from. The symbolism-rich Rider-Waite deck remains extremely popular, as does Crowley's Thoth deck. The early Marseille deck (used by Gebelin to illustrate 'Le Monde Primitif') is another important deck, also. There are also many less conventional decks to choose from.

Feminists, for example, might like the Motherpeace Tarot with its round cards and exclusively female imagery, whereas some of those interested in Paganism might enjoy the Witches deck or the DruidCraft tarot. Tarot decks can be found representing animals too, as well as various sports, natural imagery and
other common activities. In fact, there's a tarot pack available to suit every taste, and most can be bought online as well as from bookstores, new age shops etc.

Where to Start?

If you're interested in learning more about the tarot, I recommend checking out some of the numerous excellent tarot-related sites on the net, as well as online and local book stores and new age stores. One thing's for sure - there's no shortage of information available!

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Puerto Rican Cuban Festival 2022



Date and time and Location

Festival Puertorriqueño y Cubano

Sábado, 15 de Octubre, 2022.

Desde las 12 mediodía hasta las 10pm.

The Crown Festival Park
18355 Southwest Fwy
Sugar Land, Tx 77479

Our mission is to disseminate the Puerto Rican, Cuban Dominican Cultures within the City of Houston and it’s surrounding communities. We want to enlighten and educate the audience through dance, art, music and food. Our event supports and promotes other ethnic organizations and their mission, by providing a venue for unification for our Spanish Caribbean citizens and the general market. Most importantly, the PRC Festival empowers our youth to become accomplished, self-directed, and collaborative citizen who boldly contribute to an increasingly complex and evolving world by engaging in leadership roles, relevant experiences and building positive relationships while embracing the uniqueness of each individual.

This festival is done annually to support the continuous efforts to disseminate the Puerto Rican and Cuban cultures within the city of Houston. We also want to teach our children about our roots, assisting them with their self-esteem, identity and letting them know that they have a strong support group. Additionally, we are educating the citizens of the City of Houston about who we are and asking them to embrace our cultures in a friendly and festive environment.

What to Avoid Doing in Puerto Rico

 Puerto Rico is an incredible place to visit, with its stunning beaches and beautiful scenery. However, like any other tourist destination, there are some things you need to know before visiting. Take a look at a few things to avoid doing in Puerto Rico.

Taking a Tourist Bus

Simply put, tourist buses are just not worth it. They're expensive, slow, and generally offer very little in the way of a tour experience. Instead of taking a tourist bus, consider renting a car or motorcycle and exploring Puerto Rico on your terms. You can always consider taking a romantic walk by the beach with your partner instead of using public transportation.

If you do decide to take a taxi while in Puerto Rico, make sure that they turn on their meters before starting the ride. The last thing you want is to get scammed by an unscrupulous cab driver who uses tricks like "the meter hasn't been working" or "my company's rates don't cover this area."

Forgetting to Take Local Currency

Before you get on the plane, this is another thing you should avoid doing in Puerto Rico. Upon arriving on the island, make sure you have enough cash to last your stay. Everyone has heard that ATMs are not guaranteed to work in Puerto Rico, and it could be difficult finding places that accept credit cards if you need cash.

old san juan facing el Morro Make sure to have some cash with you in Puerto Rico

If possible, use a credit or debit card instead of carrying large amounts of cash on you. You can use a debit card at most businesses and restaurants in Puerto Rico. However, do not rely solely on this method because some places may charge high fees for using them (a common fee is $5).

Avoid drinking Tap Water

Drinking tap water in Puerto Rico might not be a good idea, and there are a few good reasons why:

  • Harmful bacteria or parasites can make their way into your body and cause illness.
  • You don't know how long the water has been sitting in a tank before it's delivered to you. It could be contaminated with things like hydrogen sulfide, manganese, chlorine, and nitrates.
  • If you're sick or have any kind of digestive issues, it's best not to drink tap water at all. In case you want to try authentic Puerto Rican coffee, make sure to do so in a verified restaurant that’s recommended by locals.

Buying Jewelry or Electronics Without Tax-Free Forms

If you're a US citizen, there's no need to worry about taxes on any jewelry or electronics that you buy in Puerto Rico. The island is a duty-free zone for US citizens so long as they have the proper forms. You can get these from the airport or online before your trip and will need to show your passport when purchasing any items that qualify for tax exemption.

Don't forget to bring an umbrella

It doesn't rain every day in Puerto Rico, but it does rain often enough that you should expect it to happen at some point during your trip. When the clouds roll in, be sure to have a waterproof cover for your bag and camera, so they don't get soaked!

[old san juan streets Keep in mind that traffic can be pretty jammed on this island

Also, make sure not to forget sunscreen or bug spray either. While the island receives plenty of sunshine throughout most months, it can also get pretty hot during peak hours of the day. If you plan on spending time outdoors after dark, consider bringing along some bug spray as well, because mosquitoes love Puerto Rico!

Don't drive without a map

One of the things you should avoid doing in Puerto Rico is driving without a map. Maps are available at gas stations and tourist centers, but you can also download them from the internet and have them printed before you come to Puerto Rico. Keep in mind that maps here are in Spanish, so it's good to ask for help if needed.

Learn what to do here before arriving

Before you arrive on the island, make sure to learn more about Puerto Rico, its local currency, and its language. If a restaurant doesn't have a sign in English, most likely, the staff won't speak English either. Don't be afraid to try new things or ask for help when you need it!

It's best to know what to expect from the weather before arriving on your trip as well. The island's average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), but it can get quite hot during the summer months (June through November). You should pack sunscreen and water if you plan on spending time outdoors!

When packing for your trip, bring clothing appropriate for both warm and cold weather. You'll want lightweight clothing made with natural fibers that allow airflow. This way, no matter what the temperature outside may be, your body will stay cool enough throughout your adventure.

Avoid venturing out at night in isolated areas.

Puerto Rico is a relatively safe place, but there are some precautions you'll want to take when traveling at night. If you're on your own or with a small group of people, try to stay in populated areas and avoid being out after dark in isolated places. You should also try to learn some Spanish words and adapt to a new language to communicate with locals.

In case of an emergency, knowing the language will help you get around and find your hotel. If you are alone during the night in Puerto Rico, make sure to stay close to populated areas.

la Perla 
If you're traveling alone, make sure to stay away from isolated areas at night. It’s definitely something to avoid doing in Puerto Rico


Visiting Puerto Rico can be a great adventure! On the other, moving to the island could take some time to get used to. If you want to find a home and relocate to Puerto Ricco, professionals from Relosmart Movers suggest planning your move well in advance. New culture, daily habits, and new housing could significantly change your lifestyle. During this process, you might need some help packing and transporting your belongings.

Hopefully, this article will help you learn what to avoid doing in Puerto Rico. If you are planning a trip, research everything before arriving to know what to expect when you get to the island. The last thing anyone wants is their vacation ruined by a silly mistake or misunderstanding.


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How to Make Your Humble Abode Feel Like a Vacation House

 How to Make Your Humble Abode Feel Like a Vacation House

It's an age where remote teams and business management have given employees and business owners the opportunity to work from home, which means your humble abode effectively becomes an office. While most people see this as an absolute win, it can become surprisingly challenging to stay motivated when the lines are blurred between work and rest.

In such a scenario, it's never a bad idea to start shifting toward home improvement options that can help transform your home into something out of a Puerto Rican lifestyle magazine! It can help those who spend much more time at home feel like they're on vacation, offering the opportunity to fully enjoy their humble abode in new and exciting ways. Here's how you can make your home feel like a vacation house.

1. Tackling the bathroom

First and foremost, the bathroom is one of the most crucial parts of ensuring your homestead is as comfortable and accommodating as possible. If you want it to look like more of a vacation home, you can install luxury upgrades, such as a 700 x 700 shower enclosure. The good news is you'll barely have to do any work to install these upgrades, and they're much more reasonably priced than you might think.

If you’re able to make meaningful changes to the bathroom, it can effectively transform your house without the effort. It’s a fantastic way to start things off, as you’ll really feel the difference.

2. Looking for ways to fully transform the master bedroom

The master bedroom is where you'll want to put most of your effort, as it's crucial to keep the bedroom as exciting—and comfortable—as possible. For example, compared to the rest of the house, you can go for the log cabin look, which is easy enough to achieve with a little bit of ingenuity. After all, there's no need to actually build a log cabin, as there are professional services capable of transforming rooms into specific themes.

If you don't want to put in too much effort, something as simple as making significant changes to the bed can elevate the rest of the room. Vivid colours work well, as they can make you feel like you're in a vacation home.

3. Adding a dash of nature to your home

Last but certainly not least, what better way to make your house feel like a vacation home than adding a variety of exciting house plants? Even better, there’s no need to go for the real thing, as they can be a challenge to maintain for those with busy schedules. Feel free to add as much as you want, as it’s the easiest way to transform your home without the effort. Adding a dash of nature to your bathroom with the help of quality products like those from JTSpas can make a world of difference.

A few honourable mentions include painting your furniture and personalising your house with novelty items, though there's no need to get carried away. The above tips are more than enough to help transform your humble abode into an exciting vacation home.

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Money and Education

 Money and Education

Education Funding

We like to think of public education of our children as a pure science that is populated by people who are above the humdrum worries of life and live only for the joy of filling young minds with truth. But like anything else, schools do well or poorly largely driven by money. Now one of the justifications for government funding of schools is you take out of the educational process any graft or influence peddling by private interests. In theory if corporate interests or even wealthy individuals can influence the schools because of wealth, they could also dictate the curriculum and the “slant” the lessons might take and as such put a spin on the truth because the schools become dependent on the funding source.

So, again in theory, our public schools should be above funding issues because tax dollars should pay for everything so no one political or cultural influence can set the agenda of what is to be taught in school. But that concept only holds up in theory, of course. If you spend any time in association with pubic or private schools, you know that money and education are intimately intermingled and there is plenty of influence going on all the time.

Sports Program and Money

At the public level, sports is one of the big factors that drives public education, particularly at the high school level. In big cities, the high school sport teams are often feeder schools to colleges who have a vital financial interest in recruiting the best high school players. So money flows from professional sports to the colleges and even to high schools to influence schools to pour a lot of time and money into their sports programs. The intense rivalry and interest in high school sports in your town reflects that emphasis.

So what’s the problem with loving sports? Nothing except that very often large high schools will divert huge percentages of their budgets to the sports program that only serves a fraction of the students of the school and those funds are taken away from academic and arts programs which suffer as a result. So while a hundred boys might benefit from a well run football program, thousands of students suffer with smaller classes, inferior classroom equipment and underpaid teachers because the sports teams get all the attention and the money.

At the private level, money buys influence even more blatantly. While your tuition and fees do pay the basic bills of the school, private schools are entrepreneurial and ambitious so the more wealthy parents and parents who can put a lot of money into the school naturally find their way to the school board to make decisions about curriculum and the direction the school will take as an educational institution in the future.

Wealth and Education

This means that well meaning parents who are not wealthy are not able to help the school stay focused on their primary calling which is to bring the highest level of education to the student body. The situation can also be aggravated at both the public and private school level when corporate interests get involved and you see corporate sponsorships of school programs resulting in subtle advertising occurring all around the campus. It sends a message to the students that the school can and has been bought and those corporate interests can have an influence over curriculum as well.

As parents, it’s your job to monitor the extent to which funding changes the quality of education of a school. At the public school level, you can voice your concern at school board meetings or in other public venues. But the ultimate proactive way to get an education for your child that is not tainted by financial influence is to leave the public school setting and seek a private school that has not succumb to those temptations yet. If you fund such a school, get involved heavily and do all you can via fundraising to try to minimize the influence of wealthy individuals and corporations so the school that is there to serve your child can do so without the burden of influence from the ones that pay the bills.

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40th Anniversary Puerto Rican Festival


Humboldt Park Chicago IL
Saturday - Sunday September 24 and 25, 2022
by Division and California

The Puerto Rican festival of Chicago is an inclusive nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting the culture, art, and values of the Puerto Rican community through a celebration of customs from the island to the diaspora while honoring ancestors, elders, traditions, and the work of the community.

Experience the Puerto Rican festival music, food, art, entertainment & culture

40th Aniversary Puerto Rican Festival


The Top Vacation Destinations for Families


Planning a vacation can be hard, but planning a vacation with kids can be a monumental task! With so many different ages and interests, where can you possibly go that will be fun for everyone? While you are right to question whether or not your young children will enjoy a trip to wine country or Manhattan, there are many kid-friendly places that the entire family will love. Here are just a few.

Yellowstone National Park

If you are ready to unplug and enjoy some quality nature, Yellowstone National Park is where it’s at. It was the first national park in the United States for a reason. It is a geological and biological wonder. And the best part is that you don’t have to traverse miles of rugged terrain to see the best landmarks. Most of the sights at Yellowstone feature their own parking lots and paved paths. Even during the busy season, there are so many places to see that crowds aren’t a major problem. There are delicious places to eat, and with a variety of lodging options, you can choose your level of roughing it. And seriously, turning the bend and seeing a vast herd of buffalo is exciting no matter your age!

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a family vacation super-destination, and for good reason. Few places are as jam-packed with unique entertainment options as Orlando. While Disney World is always a crowd-pleaser, there is so much more to do and see in Orlando than Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. Beyond theme parks, the Orlando area is close to many natural beauties. Whether you enjoy nature or more urban activities, there is something for everyone and every budget in Orlando. And remember, the beach is just a short jaunt away.

Gatlinburg, TN

Lesser-known Gatlinburg is like the Orlando of the Smokies. Nestled in some of the most pristine natural landscapes in the country, Gatlinburg is a quaint town bursting with adventure. From dinner shows to alpine slides, it is full of family-friendly activities. You also don’t want to miss the gorgeous hikes just outside of town, or the thrilling yet peaceful Dollywood theme park. Round out your trip with an incredible aquarium and exciting museums, and you will have a vacation your family will never forget. 

Wine country can wait for when the kids are out of the house! Until then, think family-friendly when you plan your vacations. If the kids aren’t having fun, chances are high that you aren’t either. Luckily, there are places all over the country that are sure to please everyone at any age. 

Check out this article on 8 things seniors should keep in mind while planning a trip to Costa Rica!

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Puerto Rico Real Estate


Whether it’s your first property purchase or you’re a seasoned buyer, everyone can use a little help to make the best decision.

Finally ready to buy a home? You’re not alone. This year, 1.3 million Realtors (including our members who call Puerto Rico home) will help people buy more than five million homes in Puerto Rico and the United States. Buying a home is a huge financial transaction, to be sure, but it’s also one of the most important pieces of building the American dream.

Yet while there are a million reasons to buy a home, the process of selecting, financing and closing on a home can seem daunting, particularly if you’re not experienced. After all, most people (except our members, of course) don’t buy houses every day.

With unlimited data at your fingertips, finding the perfect home can be overwhelming. At the Puerto Rico Association of REALTORS® and MLS, we’re with you every step of the way.

This guide walks you through every step in your search, from finding your Realtor to accepting those new keys. Let’s get started!

We believe every buyer, seller and REALTOR® deserves access to the best data.

Whether you are looking to buy a home for living in or whether are looking to just invest in real estate, you will need to get hold of real estate listings as the first thing. Internet and newspapers are the most common ways of getting real estate listings.
With internet gaining popularity, internet real estate listings have become one of the easiest ways of checking out the real estate listings

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of Puerto Rico is the best repository for accurate real estate listing data in Puerto Rico. Every listing is represented and verified by a qualified REALTOR®, so you can trust that the listings you see here are current, and that the details are true.


HUMACAO, PR 00791 Listed for $225,000

3 BR 2.5 BA

Lots of extras. Beautiful and comfortable corner property with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Cream lugo slab. Spacious laundry room. Beautiful terrace in the back with half bathroom and shower area. The terrace and canopy has a slab simulating wood. Recreation areas with swimming pool, Activity Center and basketball court. Finished in two weeks.

Carr 763 KM 4.2

CAGUAS, PR 00725 Listed at $250,000

Excellent property 5 minutes from the city, with panoramic views and a large patio. The property has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, hall, 2 living rooms, dining room, family, laundry, balcony, solar heater and cistern. Requires repairs. Location: CRIM: $828.36 per year with exemption and $2,377.86 per year without exemption.


SAN LORENZO, PR 00754Asking PRice: $300,000

If you are looking for tranquility surrounded by nature. Your search ends today, this property is very well constructed and maintained. It features two bedrooms convertible to three and 3.5 bath. With spacious balcony and amazing views. This is a potential income production property as a short term rental or a mini resort. Endless opportunity ahead with the right mindset. It can be included as a package with Rustica G since it has a common entrance and same owners. This additional property consists of a single family residence, two stories, 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bath (MLS PR9096164). Is a recent construction, very spacious with outstanding views as well. Call today for more information and schedule your showing. Price is not subject to appraisal but all offers are welcomed.

View More Properties for Sale in Puerto Rico

For More information, please visit: Puerto Rico Realtor MLS

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Wepa - Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine



Now Open With Expanded Hours and New Rooftop Patio!

175 E. 35th St, Garden City, ID 83714!

(208) 207-2962

Please see our Hours below for our Main Dining Room and Rooftop Patio.

Happy Hour featuring all of our Local Beers and Wines Tuesday-Friday 4-6pm and the last hour of every day except Sunday & Tuesday

Click on Link for Reservations and please check our NEW hours below for when we are open.

Authentic Puerto Rican Cuisine

Wepa! Is a Shout of Joy and Celebration in Puerto Rico and what we aim to have our guests shout

as they enjoy the fine cuisine of the crown jewel of the Caribbean.

We welcome you to the Treasure Valley's only Puerto Rican food paradise, celebrating the vast diversity and vibrant culture of Puerto Rico's history. Influences from a mix of Spanish, Taino Indian and Afro-Caribbean influences will fill the air with the aroma of Cocina Criolla with an emphasis on Puerto Rican spices and herbs.

A portion of our profits will be donated back to Puerto Rican relief efforts as it continues to recover from Hurricane Maria.

We invite our guests to join in these relief efforts. Please go to "Our Cause" for more information.

Our Cause

In September 2017, the island of Puerto Rico was decimated by Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 storm unleashing winds in excess of 150 mph. The damage was catastrophic resulting in nearly 3000 deaths. By most accounts, it will take years for the island to fully recover including an entire rebuilding of power grids, water systems, roads and roofs.

As part of our social conscience mission, we are proud to partner with PRoTechos, a non-profit corporation based in Puerto Rico, (, founded with the dual mission of rebuilding damaged roofs in underserved communities while providing residents with basic carpentry training, addressing both housing needs and the shortage of skilled construction workers in Puerto Rico.

Wepa will be donating 5% of annual net profits and we invite you to join the cause by going to their website, learning more and donating to this very worthy cause.


Find us on Social Media


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Where to Snorkel and Kayak in Puerto Rico

 Do you plan to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico? In that case, this guide will be of great help. Puerto Rico is a country where outdoor, especially water-based activities, are extremely popular among tourists and residents alike. If you’re visiting to have an active vacation, this is the place to be. On the other hand, if you consider moving there permanently, the days will never be dull. Puerto Rico has many beaches, coral reefs, and passages to explore! If you haven’t tried kayaking or snorkeling but want to do it at some point, make the most of the opportunity you have in Puerto Rico.

Kayaking in the heart of the capital San Juan

Head over to Laguna del Concado for an urban kayaking experience! You can peacefully paddle while observing the city from a distance or sign up for a night excursion. Don’t forget to paint your face with neon colors, as you’ll kayak in an illuminated canoe with UV lights. So, make sure not to miss it out, and don’t forget to capture some awesome photos!

La Cordillera Nature Reserve

It’s an entire nature reserve waiting to be explored. Just go on a taxi boat and prepare for an all-day snorkeling adventure. La Cordillera covers up to 20 nautical miles (over 6000 feet). It has an outstanding ecosystem, including turtles, sea cucumbers, sea grass, and more! So, make sure to inquire about tours and transportation on time.

[caption id="attachment_14974" align="alignnone" width="640"]people kayaking in the open sea So many places to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico attract a great number of visitors[/caption]

Bioluminescent bays

A neon-glowing sea you normally see in documentaries can be found in Puerto Rico as well! If this is something you look forward to seeing, prepare a camera and head over to Mosquito Bay, Laguna Grande, or Fajardo Parguera.  Kayaking tours in bioluminescent bays at night are once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences.

Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario

We can’t speak about mountains, crystal clear water, and snorkeling in one place without mentioning Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario beaches. The fact that they are close to Luis Peña Natural Reserve makes them one of the most visited picturesque snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico. Marine life is quite vibrant and colorful and worth capturing with a nice underwater camera. However, make sure to pay attention to other boats arriving since this area is sometimes packed with tourists. Ask the locals about the safest parts of the beaches where you can have an uninterrupted swimming and snorkeling time.

The Mona Passage

Are you looking specifically for a snorkeling place where you can witness rich marine life? The Mona Passage is one of those. It’s formed by three small islands Mona, Desecheo, and Monito. Besides active marine life, The Mona Passage is famous for its underwater caverns and corals as well. That’s why you’ll notice plenty of professional divers and underwater photographers there. You can get there by boat you should book in advance since The Mona Passage has many visitors.

[caption id="attachment_14975" align="alignnone" width="640"]a woman showing where to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico Capture magnificent underwater nature when snorkeling in Puerto Rico[/caption]

Isla Ratones

The route to Isla Ratones is perfect for you if you are into long kayaking trips. Once you arrive, you’ll be amazed by white sand beaches and crystal clear water. There are also designated picnic spots in this secluded place where you can take a break and relax. Keep in mind that this is not where you spend just a few hours, but all day. So, pack a waterproof bag with some food, water, and essentials.

Hire international movers if you plan actually to relocate to Puerto Rico permanently

Outdoor options in Puerto Rico are one of the top reasons for moving, as said by international relocation specialists at If this is you, then rest assured your reasons for moving are valid. According to various conducted studies, it’s proven that people who live actively and close to nature tend to be happier. Puerto Rico is definitely one of those blissful places on Earth. The bottom line is - moving to Puerto Rico is worth the effort.

How to transfer from the States to Puerto Rico?

Keep in mind the route from the US to Puerto Rico qualifies as international relocation. Therefore, it’s necessary to find experienced international movers to handle the entire endeavor. International relocation includes numerous tasks to do before your plane takes off. It’s also a move that requires thorough planning from start to finish. That being said, make sure to plan your international moving adventure months ahead.

Only international moving specialists with years of experience behind them will make an easy transfer from the States to Puerto Rico possible. This is how you’ll recognize them best:

  • Licenses
  • Top ratings
  • Free moving quote
  • Insurance options
  • Experience with international moving projects
  • Extensive service offer

Purchase your kayak and snorkeling equipment after you arrive

The less stuff you move, the easier it will be to settle in your new home. If you want to have your own kayak or snorkeling equipment, better wait until you arrive in Puerto Rico. There you can get excellent quality at a reasonable price.

[caption id="attachment_14976" align="alignnone" width="640"]peaceful tropical beach Beaches and natural reserves in Puerto Rico are worth experiencing[/caption]

The residents of Puerto Rico understand the benefits of kayaking, which is why the business is highly developed. Many companies rent kayaks, offer guided tours, or sell colorful kayaks in different sizes. The business is flourishing because there are so many places to snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is where you learn how to live an active and laid-back lifestyle

Life in Puerto Rico is much different than what you’re used to. The residents are proud of their natural reserves and commit a lot of effort to preserving them. This can be seen best when you snorkel and kayak in Puerto Rico and witness vibrant sea life and a rich ecosystem. Furthermore, a sense of community is very strong among Puerto Ricans. You’ll notice this as soon as you move there. Also, living in this beautiful state is far from dull. With so many natural areas to see and explore, it isn’t easy to run out of ideas for a perfect weekend getaway!

Friday, September 2, 2022

What Makes Puerto Rican Coffee So Special?

 coffee break

Most of us don’t consider Puerto Rico to be one of the top coffee-producing countries in the world. But once upon a time, it was at the top of that list. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico currently doesn’t even make it into the top 50 coffee exporting nations. The good news is that Puerto Rican coffee is slowly making a comeback as a specialty coffee around the world. This means most of us will have a better chance of experiencing the deep and complex flavors of Puerto Rican coffee once again.

The coffee beans from Puerto Rico have a smooth, mellow flavor with low acidity. The coffee bean is often roasted to a medium or dark roast, yet the acidity level is still low, making it easy to drink.

Let’s dive into why it’s considered so precious and why we should crave Puerto Rican coffee.

History Of Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican coffee has over 200 years of history and reputation. Historians believe that coffee was first brought to the island in 1736 by the Spaniards. And the reason is its mountainous terrain and volcanic soil, which are ideal for coffee plant harvesting.

Another school of historians believes that coffee (Arabica beans) arrived with a Corsican monk who immigrated to Puerto Rico in the late 1700s.

Regardless of its origin stories, the first batch of coffee beans was sown in Puerto Rico by the end of the 18th century. It immediately became the staple economic driver for the islanders. The golden age of Puerto Rican coffee met the demands of the Vatican and the popes exclusively. Soon after, its popularity spread to prominent European royal courts and cities, earning it the moniker "coffee of popes and kings".

Why Puerto Rican Coffee Is So Special?

It all starts with geography. Puerto Rico has a lot to offer for coffee cultivation. Its volcanic soil, altitude, and climate—elements that make incredible Puerto Rican coffee a royalty. The island's volcanic soil and superior altitude (up to 3,500 feet above sea level), combined with natural shading, bring nothing but extraordinary flavors.

The farmers and haciendas follow the all-natural process of gathering and roasting their coffee beans as well. As a result, the beans get to bring out the specific attributes of the coffee while maintaining its high-quality aromas and taste notes.

Puerto Rican coffee beans are 100% Arabica. It means that the flavors are distinct from those of other coffee beans from around the world. Puerto Rican beans are way sweeter and smoother than the other Arabica types.

Puerto Rican coffee beans have unique sweet nuances that only underline the chocolatey undertones and bold dry fruit notes. Once brewed, it carries hints of almond, plum, and other nuts, while the predominant flavor will always be chocolatey.

The body of the coffee feels astoundingly rich and supple. The acidic notes provide subtle hints of citrus without any bitterness, of course.

For such characteristics, the gastronomy industry has labeled Puerto Rican coffee gourmet coffee. Both its natural production and flavor profiles have earned its place high in people’s regard.

Authentic Puerto Rican Coffee Culture

Traditionally, Puerto Ricans begin their morning with a cup of strong coffee. It gives them enough energy to fuel a long, hard day. They also end their day with another cup, as per their tradition.

You can find the culture of drinking strong coffee in espresso form as well. In almost every café on this island, you’ll be able to find "Porcillo"—"single espresso" in Spanish. Then there are the local favorites, the "Cortadito"—an espresso with a thin layer of foam—and the "Café con leche"—a latte-like milky cup of coffee.

Unlike many Central American and Caribbean nations, traditional Puerto Rican coffee recipes don’t call for much sweetener as the beans themselves are naturally sweet.

Popular Puerto Rican Coffee Preparations

Café Con Leche

For a cup of café con leche, you’ll need half cups of Puerto Rican ground coffee, fresh cold water, whole milk, and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

First, brew the coffee in your coffee maker.

While the coffee is brewing, add the milk to a saucepan over medium heat. Lightly simmer the milk before turning off the heat.

Fill only half of your coffee cup with freshly brewed coffee. Then add the sugar and pour the warm milk to fill the rest of the cup. Stir the mix with a spoon. Enjoy!

This recipe will only take 9 minutes to complete.


A standard espresso-sized preparation that follows a 1:1 espresso to milk ratio. You’ll need 2 oz. of Puerto Rican ground coffee, 2 oz. of milk, and sugar (2 teaspoons).

Start by brewing the grounds with medium heat. If you’re using an espresso machine, just simply pull a double-shot of espresso.

Next, warm the milk (on a stovetop or in a microwave). Avoid burning and boiling the milk.

Put 2 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl and then add 2 teaspoons of warm espresso there. Whisk the mixture until you get a light brown foamy mixture. That’s the espumita needed for the cortadito.

Once the espresso brewing is done, pour it into an espresso cup first, and then add the warm milk over it. You must maintain a 1:1 ratio between them. Finally, top it off with the espumita and serve!

This recipe will only take 6 minutes to complete.

The Benefits Of Drinking Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican coffee brands only make Arabica coffee. So, identifying the original Puerto Rican coffee is way easier. Since Puerto Rican coffees are considered gourmet, any imitators won’t be able to copy the true artisan quality of this coffee.

Puerto Rican Arabica beans have a much lower caffeine percentage than the other varieties. As a result, it is healthier than not only Robusta beans but also other Arabica types. So, this coffee is ideal for those who’re in need of stomach-friendly and less aggressive coffee.

Since it has less caffeine content, it’ll offer very little bitterness as well as less intensity. Hence, it’s an ideal coffee for avoiding heartburn.

Since the coffee is also naturally sweet and chocolatey, there’ll be no need for processed sugar or fatty creams with Puerto Rican coffee, which is always a plus for health-conscious drinkers.

Puerto Rico’s soil and nature allow shade-grown, high-altitude Arabica coffee cultivation. These natural conditions, combined with natural processing and drying processes, have made Puerto Rican coffee an ideal candidate for a low-caffeine, low-acidic organic coffee variant.


Puerto Rico’s coffee industry has a long and proud history. But it’s also marked with national and geographical scars. Today, it’s trying to rebuild its lost reputation and we expect the number of gourmet coffees leaving the island will only grow. The coffee hasn’t stepped away from the low acidity and sweet flavors either. That’s why the coffee beans from this island are still viewed as extremely coveted.