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Puerto Rico Veterans Form Their Own American Legion Post


Vazquez Post # 939, a Latino-focused veteran association, was recently launched in Chicago for Puerto Rico veterans. Formed by Marcos Torres, the group was named in honor of Jason Vazquez, a 25-year-old Puerto Rican soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2008. Torres wants the group to enhance representation and inclusivity, inform the non-veteran community of Puerto Rican culture, and champion the history of Latino soldiers through events, resources, and community partnerships.

Lack of representation

As he was growing up in Humboldt Park, Chicago, Torres noticed a lack of representation surrounding Puerto Rican veterans and the vital role they played in the US military. “How sad is it that we almost act like they are not part of the Latino community?” said Torres. “We do a poor job of representing our veterans.” In 2009-2010, Torres served as an honor guard and funeral soldier, and was stationed in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Chicago. “I wanted something that represented the community we are from and to show youth that veterans looked like them, talked like them, ate the same food as them,” Torres said. “It’s important.”

Launch party on National Borinqueneers Day

Torres launched Vazquez Post # 939 on April 13, National Borinqueneers Day, a national holiday honoring the Borinqueneers, Puerto Rican soldiers who fought in the Korean War, WW1, and WW2. The regiment’ experienced persistent discrimination and unfair treatment for expressing their Latino culture while in the military; their contribution to US history has only recently been nationally recognized. At the launch party, Chicago veterans along with their family and friends gathered to honor Vazquez, as well as celebrate the new post and National Borinqueneers Day.

Support for veterans

Leaving the military and transitioning to civilian life can be challenging for veterans, so it’s important they take advantage of all support programs available. For example, securing affordable housing is often a priority for veterans. Fortunately, VA loans are mortgages available to help veterans purchase homes with a 0% down payment, Hero Loan explains. Partially backed or guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs, VA loans also require no Private Mortgage Insurance, have limited closing costs, and no prepayment penalty if the buyer pays off the loan early. Additionally, support groups also play a key role in helping veterans re-enter society after leaving the military or recover from issues like substance abuse, PTSD, and trauma. Ultimately, Torres wants his post to provide support to local veterans who are struggling.

So far, the Vazquez Post has around five officers and 40 members who meet once a week in  Ravenswood, Chicago. Torres hopes more Latino veterans join the group, so they can collectively “change the face of the American Legion and show that different kinds of soldiers exist — not just white men or white action figures seen at the store or in the media”. People think Latinos “don’t fit the stereotypical description of a soldier,” Torres said. “We are G.I. Joe. There are many different G.I. Joes.”

Monday, November 15, 2021

Puerto Rico Tourist Destinations

 Borinquen Beach

Puerto Rico is a place which has at least something for everyone. The highly adventurous spirited individuals can be there for as many reasons as the calm ones could be. In the Punta Borinquen region of Puerto Rico you will see the world's best maintained golf course. Even the most accomplished golfers might get a thrill there while playing golf on the two different types of golf courses. The golf course set named as river course acts as a challenge for all the players no matter how expert they are in the game. The winding fairways in the area will make it a challenge for the experts too, to give a shot there.

Another beautiful and intellectually important place is Bayamón. It is a perfect blend of education and enjoyment. There is a very famous science museum cum park cum zoo situated in the tens of acres area right in the mid of the city. Children love to visit this place, as it caters to all their needs of watching huge animals to the latest science experiments, all at one place. This museum is generally open on public holidays, thus it is a good option to visit there whenever you are around during the vacations.

Some of the very gracious residences built during the pre independence era of the country have still been protected by the government. The magnificent structures like Casa Museo Joaquin in Barranquitas can be visited by anyone who is interested but for a nominal entry fee only. It is said to be an example of great architecture as it was built on the highest peak of the Barranquitas on a cliff. It is one of the items in the rare collection of Pierce Arrow structures.

For all those art and beauty lovers out there Puerto Rico has the Cabo Rojo artisans' gallery. Here you will find some of the rarest art collections in paintings and structures. Ceramics by the local artists will make you puzzled out and confused about the thing, that if it has been really created by a skillful craftsmen or is it a producer of some machines or so. The artistic soul of the state will make you stick to such art galleries more and more every time you visit them.

Puerto Rico provides something very special for the bird lovers too

Tourists from all over the globe can come here and praise the beauty of such artistic pieces of work whenever they like to. Puerto Rico provides something very special for the bird lovers too. A place called as the Salinas salt flats is said to be the bird paradise of the world. Around forty thousand birds visit this place every year. The scene when all the birds come here during migration period is a view of great importance. It feels amazing to see so many live beautiful Ariel creatures at one place at a moment.

Everyone must have heard about Carolina, as you might have heard about California, a fun place and hub of creativity in United States. Similarly Carolina is said to be the fun capital of Puerto Rico. For the race lovers, the Caribbean raceway park situated in Carolina will be the main attraction. Whatever your interest could be, you will find Puerto Rico as an amazing place to visit year after year. A visit to Puerto Rico will prove to be an experience which you will remember till the end of your life.

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Aguada Puerto Rico

 Aguada Puerto Rico

The western coastal valley region of Puerto Rico is home to the charming seaside city of Aguada. Officially founded in 1526, it has great historical significance as port for ships traveling from South America to Spain. Many rivers, including the Río Cañas, Río Culebra, Río Culebrinas, Río Grande, Río Guayabo, and Río Ingenio flow through its territory into the Mona Passage to the Atlantic Ocean.

The city has seen nearly continuous population increases since its founding. Some of this has been attributed to the desertions of crew members and soldiers from foreign merchant ships traveling to other colonies. It is said that the hospitality of the locals and the plentiful food available prompted many to hide until the ships traveled on, with as many as thousand people coming from a single fleet.

It is also believed that Christopher Columbus landed in the area in 1493 during his second voyage to the Americas. In a picturesque plaza called La Cruz de Colón, a monument in the shape of a white cross marks the place where it is believed Columbus disembarked onto Puerto Rican soil for the first time. The town is also the home of the San Francisco de Asis Church, widely considered one of the loveliest religious edifices built in Puerto Rico.

Aguada is well-known for the many celebratory festivals held here throughout the year. One of the most popular is the October patron saint festival in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. This festival sees locals and visitors enjoying amusement rides, games, parades, live entertainment and delicious regional foods. Other popular festivals include the January Three Kings Festival dedicated to children, the June Beach Festival, and the May Festival de Cabras de Raza, which features competitions and exhibitions of different goat breeds.

The most notable touristic attractions of the city are its beaches, of which there are ten in the area. The most popular beaches are Pico de Piedra Beach and Playa Espinar, but all of them have distinct features that make them attractive to adventurous travelers. The road to Pico de Piedra beach, the PR-115 road, has dozens of different restaurants and food trailers serving traditional Puerto Rican cuisine and cold drinks right on the oceanfront.

Other notable attractions include Central Coloso, one of the oldest sugar cane processing plants in Puerto Rico, and the Museo de Aguada, a museum housed in a former railroad station building that has an interesting array of early Puerto Rican relics on display. Visitors can also experience the Espinar Hermitage Ruins, the ruins of an old church structure enclosed within a new church building.

For another unique experience, visitors can see Puerto Rico's first Earthships, hurricane-resistant buildings sustainably constructed out of natural and recycled materials. The New Mexico-based nonprofit Biotecture Planet Earth runs the site, called Villabonuco, as an education and community center. Other notable structures in the area include the Puente de Coloso bridge, an 85-ft-long bridge over the Culebrinas River built in 1928, and a Mayan-style pyramid located off of the PR-411 road that will eventually serve as a mausoleum for its builder and his wife.

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“Cocobana” & “La Joya”: Puerto Rico’s best murals and street art

 calle fortaleza old san juan puerto ricoPuerto Rico is a Latin American country that has plenty to offer visitors and citizens, as it has a number of appealing scenic locations as well as featuring some of the world’s most incredible natural beauty.

However, it could be argued that there is nothing better than the street art scene and the murals that have since popped up all across the island in various places. Of course, there is no doubt that the art scene within Puerto Rico has managed to grow in the way that it has because of the continued increase in art festivals, with iconic festivals such as “Santurce es Ley” and “Murales para Pensar” being incredibly popular.

The street art that is available to experience can easily be found when exploring the streets of Puerto Rico, with a number of local artists having created a number of pieces that have been created through the experiences that the island provides them with. There are a host of brilliant pieces that can be found when searching the country, with some of the best highlighted below!

“Cocobana” by Lucindo Fidalgo

Graffiti art is something that many will have different opinions on, however there is no doubt that it is an art form that can be extremely appealing to the eyes.

Lucindo Fidalgo is a street artist that likes to combine spray paint, pop culture references and walls that are considered boring to create a piece of art that is unique and is considered to be rather appealing; perhaps a little like Alec Monopoly art as he combines pop culture within each of his pieces.

Fidalgo’s “Copacabana” can be found at Calle Loiza, with the piece showcasing a huge amount of bright colours that have been splashed across a restaurant’s walls that help to provide visitors with a sense of the tropical vibes that Puerto Rico has to offer.

“La Joya” by Bik Ismo

Bik Ismo is an artist that has been famed around the world for his use of shining metallics, which has helped him to become recognised around the world as one of the top 25 muralists. His “La Joya” piece that was created in collaboration with Spanish artist Belin, is a prime example of his stellar work.

The artwork can be found at El Boricua in Rio Piedras and features a Cubist-inspired portrait of a woman who is holding a chrome-plated skull.

“Sangre y Resistencia” by Vecino Cintron

An eye-catching mural that has been created with expressive reds, blacks and yellows can be found at Paseo Amor in Ponce. Known as “Sangre y Resistencia”, which translates in English to “Blood and Resistance”, is a creation that has been made by Javi “Vecino” Cintron.

The mural has been dedicated to “Los heroes del 25 de Enero”, a group of firefighters who were jailed for disobeying orders after fighting one of the most historic fires that had happened in the town.

Cintron continues to heavily focus his art on recreating moments from history, whilst incorporating his own unique art style with each mural that he creates.

“Renacer” by Dama Lola

Known as Dama Lola, Damaris Cruz is known for having a number of murals that are located all around the town of Dorado. She decides to create each of her pieces with the use of a number of mixed art forms, with photography, painting and decoupage being utilised.

Lola’s artwork makes use of abandoned old houses to help recreate a number of picturesque moments that Puerto Rico’s rural life has to offer, whilst she also hosts workshops that students can participate in if they wish to learn more about muralism and get involved with it in the future.

“Sembrado de Esperanzas” by Bob Snow

Roberto Hernandez, who is better known as Bob Snow, uses elements of everyday life and a side of cynicism when creating his artwork; each of which come with bright, eye-catching colours and sharp details, thus making his murals capture the attention of those that see them whilst also being provocative.

His “Sembrado de Esperanzas” piece, translated in English as “Seeded in hope”, is a mural that features a boy taping a tree back together as Snow looks to send a message about the importance of the environment.

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Puerto Ricans: Non-U.S. Persons With A Lower Tax Exemption

 by Estate Planning Attorney Nydia Menendez

Our great forefather, Benjamin Franklin warned that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” One good example is the Estate Tax.

The Estate Tax is levied on the value of a person’s worldwide assets at the time of death. Currently the Estate Tax has a $10 million exemption; adjusted for inflation the exemption is $11.7 million in 2021 (which is set to be reduced to $5 million by 2026, if not sooner). But, as is the case with all tax exemptions, exemptions have exceptions. A good illustration of this is the application of Estate Taxes to Puerto Ricans.

As most people know, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated U.S. Territory located in the Caribbean Sea. People born in Puerto Rico are United States citizens; they carry U.S. passports, the same as anyone born in the U.S. mainland. However, when we look at Puerto Ricans from an Estate Tax standpoint, citizenship hardly matters.

For example, if a person born in Puerto Rico resides in the United States, the application of the Estate Tax is the same as for any other U.S. citizen. This means a Puerto Rican born in Puerto Rico will enjoy the benefit of the Estate Tax exemption as any other American citizens - $10 Million, together with adjustments for inflation.

This is in stark contrast, however, to what happens when the person is residing in Puerto Rico and the only reason why they have their U.S. citizenship is because they were born in Puerto Rico. In this case, they are considered and taxed as non-resident aliens. Meaning that the Estate Tax will only be levied on the assets they own within the United States (“U.S. situs” assets), such as real estate.  But, just like non-U.S. citizens, they will have a considerably lower Estate Tax exclusion, only $60,000.

In other words, for persons born in Puerto Rico, to enjoy the enhanced Estate Tax exemption, they must also reside in the U.S. mainland.

Let’s look at the following scenario: Ana was born and raised in Puerto Rico; therefore, she is a U.S. citizen. She has lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico for 45 years of her life; she even owns a restaurant there. She decides to invest and buy a property in Orlando, Florida, valued at $1 million. She also has assets in Puerto Rico and in two other countries around the globe worth $6 million total. If Ana passes away under these circumstances, she will owe federal Estate Taxes on $940,000 - the value of her property in Orlando, minus her $60,000 exclusion.

However, if Ana had relocated to Florida, and died as a Florida resident (instead of a Puerto Rico resident), she would owe federal Estate Tax on $7 Million, the value of all her property worldwide. But she would have an exclusion of $11.7 million (as of 2021). Therefore, she will not owe any Estate Tax.

Hence, for Puerto Ricans the Estate Tax impact will depend on whether they are residents in the United States or in Puerto Rico. If they are residing in the United States, for purposes of Estate Tax they will be treated just like any other U.S. citizen. But, if their residence is in Puerto Rico, their U.S. citizenship will not shield them from being taxed like a non-U.S. person.

How Can You Get Started with Your Estate Plan?

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Eco-Friendly Meetings

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Now more than ever, Discover Puerto Rico and its partners are committed to providing sustainable solutions that work for meeting professionals and the planet, too. Here are some smart ideas to help you lessen your meeting’s environmental footprint and benefit the local communities.

El Distrito

Aerial view Puerto Rico's Convention District.

Book a Green Venue

The lush rainforest isn’t the only thing that’s green: hotels and meeting venues around Puerto Rico are leading the industry in earth-friendly practices.

Beyond being the most technologically advanced meeting venue in the Caribbean, the Puerto Rico Convention Center has recently unveiled a 20,000-panel solar energy array that is one of the largest green initiatives of its kind on the island.

Adjacent to PRCC, the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino is the first hotel in Puerto Rico (and the first Sheraton in the world) to achieve LEED-certification. This milestone is hopefully the first of many in the Convention Center District, which aims to become completely LEED-certified. Many hotels and paradores are employing sustainable practices such as recycling and sourcing local, natural goods.

Local food vendors at an event.

Local Puerto Rican food vendors sharing their cuisine with event attendees.

Eat Local

When planning your food menus, you can lower your carbon footprint by working with caterers to source food and drinks locally. This also helps feed Puerto Rico’s growing agritourism sector, and provides attendees with an authentic taste of the island. Some of these projects like Frutos del Guacabo in Manatí and Jeanmarie Chocolat located in AguadaHacienda Tres Ángeles in Adjuntas - as well as many others, offer farm-to-table experiences and the freshest produce you will find on the island.

An employee operates coffee production machinery at Hacienda Munoz.

Tour of coffee production at Hacienda Muñoz.


Sustainable, community-based tourism is a growing trend in Puerto Rico. Plan a group trip to breathtaking places like Río Abajo State Forest and Humacao Nature Reserve, or organize a tasting tour at one of our many coffee plantations.

Minimize Waste

The materials produced for meetings can result in huge amounts of unwanted waste, but there are some simple ways to reduce. When planning welcome bags, opt for locally made and biodegradable goods rather than plastics or single-use items that will end up in a landfill. You can also contact Discover Puerto Rico to learn about local recycling programs.

Carbon Offsets

Believe it or not, a carbon-neutral event is possible with the use of carbon offsets. Your organization can purchase these offsets, which counteract your group’s carbon emissions by reducing greenhouse gases in other areas. Discover Puerto Rico can put you in contact with providers for more information.

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San Juan Puerto Rico: Cocktails Dinner and Dessert

 Cocktails in Puerto Rico

Welcome to San Juan Puerto Rico

A vacation is not a vacation unless you have treated your taste buds to some delectable cuisine and refreshing drinks. Welcome to San Juan Puerto Rico where cocktails dinner and dessert are taken seriously. Where you could be in for an experience that is intensely gratifying and mouth-watering what with the range of cuisine on offer being as authentic an assortment of food as you would have ever come across. There more than enough reasons why you would want to be out there in San Juan Puerto Rico experiencing cocktails dinner and dessert that are as good as they get.

The culinary experiences that are the most gratifying in terms of their authenticity and their traditional flavours being active combinations of recipes and ingredients derived from Taíno Spanish and African cultures. Mofongo is made of fried green plantain and a range of stuffing and filling ranging from chicken to seafood mixes is as traditional as cuisine in Puerto Rico can get. A vacation is not a vacation unless you have treated your taste buds to some delectable cuisine and refreshing drinks.

You could find the South Fortaleza street in San Juan that proves to be a culmination of all things edible reflecting the best of world cuisine ranging from Asian to Latin American including the Parrot Club an authentic seafood galleria the genuinely Spanish Toro Salao' and Dragonfly a fusion of Asian and Puerto Rican cuisine. The culinary experiences that are the most gratifying in terms of their authenticity and their traditional flavours being active combinations of recipes and ingredients derived from Taíno Spanish and African cultures.

Puerto Rican Coffee

No culinary journey would be complete without a rich cup of freshly ground coffee. San Juan Puerto Rico has cocktails dinner and dessert that gets steamy with real good coffee with the century old coffee producing family of Hacienda San Pedro excelling in coffee production and with the Ruta del Café tour that takes you through the coffee destinations of Maricao Yauco Lares and Jayuya among others. You could find the South Fortaleza street in San Juan that proves to be a culmination of all things edible reflecting the best of world cuisine ranging from Asian to Latin American including the Parrot Club an authentic seafood galleria the genuinely Spanish Toro Salao' and Dragonfly a fusion of Asian and Puerto Rican cuisine.

You could sum up the entire experience of San Juan Puerto Rico with a stint at the four top-selling rum distilleries that reaffirm the tradition of rum production that has been in the making for over four centuries. You would not cherish much else after you have got a taste of Puerto Rico registered in your cells. No culinary journey would be complete without a rich cup of freshly ground coffee.

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Booking with

 Visiting destinations in the United States is very different from visiting destinations in any other country in the world. The vast area of the nation holds hundreds of major cities, each with numerous attractions and lodging accommodations for every type of traveler. Figuring out where to go and what to do can be a daunting task, but travel websites like can make the planning easier. Here are some of the ways that booking with eBooking can help you with your trip.

booking hotels on line

Finding The Right Accommodations

In every major city in the U.S., there are a wide variety of accommodations available for travelers, including large and small hotels, motels, bed and breakfast lodgings, private homes, and cabins. The amenities at these properties can include everything from business centers and workout rooms to in-room whirlpool tubs and concierge services.

To find the most suitable accommodations for you and anyone who will be traveling with you, go online to and look over the list of lodgings available in the area you wish to travel to. The hotel description will include a list of the amenities available on the property and photographs of the hotel’s major features and rooms.

Getting The Best Prices

Reviewing hotels and other accommodations before deciding where to stay can save you a lot of money on your trip. The wide variety of lodgings available come in a range of price points and the price can change based on when you are planning to visit. If you are traveling with a large group, it may be more cost effective to book a large home instead of paying for multiple hotel rooms.

The best price for your trip will depend on the location, length of stay, time of stay, and number of visitors. You should include all of this information in your online search to get the most accurate prices for the properties displayed.

Finding Nearby Attractions

One of the best things about traveling in the U.S. is the numerous unique attractions that can be found across the nation. However, it is important to remember that even though an attraction may be listed as being in a certain city, it may be a long way from the accommodations you have chosen. If you are not interested in spending a lot of time in transit from place to place, you should choose accommodations that are near to the attractions you are planning on visiting.

By looking at the listings online, you can see what attractions are highlighted for that particular property and the approximate distance you would have to travel to get there. There are also maps that show which direction to go to get to the attraction, making planning multiple stops much easier when you review listings at

Finding Unique Experiences

While the U.S. is all one country, different regions can have very different appearances and experiences. For example, the southwestern states, where Las Vegas is located, has deserts, hot dry weather, and a food scene heavily influenced by cultures south of the border. Southeastern cities, like New Orleans and Orlando, have much wetter weather, many natural forested areas filled with wildlife, and a food culture that changes dramatically from place to place.

Each city has its own festivals and may celebrate different holidays in their own unique ways. Some of the most popular unique experiences are celebrating the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square in New York City, or seeing some of the world class shows available year round in Las Vegas. Accommodations in these areas go quickly as major events approach, so be sure to get your booking in early with

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Puerto Rican Players In The MLB

 [caption id="attachment_13232" align="alignnone" width="624"] Photo via: Wikimedia Commons[/caption]

The island of Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean, has the fourth-most active players from Latin American jurisdiction in the MLB. The incorporated U.S. territory is part of a chain of islands that have seen over 200 players involved in the major leagues since 1942.

Players who were either born or naturalized in Puerto Rico were initially allowed to sign with MLB outfits as free agents and were typically handed minor-league contracts ahead of their debut in the majors. In 1989, however, the league decided to include the nation on its list of jurisdictions within the U.S., making it mandatory for first-year players to have their names included in the draft so they could get a contract. That saw a reduction of eligible players as it limited the number selected by teams and eventually led to the island’s secretary of Recreation and Sports asking the league to assist in setting up specialized schools so that more players could be produced.

The proposal was not approved by the league but there are currently a number of active Puerto Ricans in the MLB right now and this list names some of the most popular. 

Yadier Molina

A catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, Molina has spent his entire 18-year-career with the team, having come into the league way back in 2004. The nine-time Rawlings Golden Glove winner, also a winner of six Fielding Bible Awards, is widely considered to be one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time.

The Puerto Rican veteran ranks second all-time among catchers with 130 Defensive Runs Saved and is first among active catchers with 845 assists, 40.21 percent of runners caught stealing, and 55 pickoffs. He has made over 2,000 runs as a hitter, as well as 150 home and 900 runs batted in RBIs while batting over 300 in five campaigns.

Molina, who’s won the World Series on two occasions, has played for St. Louis in 12 playoff outings and four National League pennant winners. He has played for his country in four World Baseball Classic and has two silver medals to show for it.

The 10-time All-Star can also boast four platinum Glove Awards and a Silver Slugger Award. He has been selected to the All-WBC Tournament team and was a member of the 2018 All-Star Series in Japan.

Jose De Leon

Jose De Leon is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox currently assigned to the Worcester Red Sox. The 29-year-old was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013 after completing three years at Southern University, where he played college baseball. The Dodgers, now vying for another World Series win but not the leading favorite per the MLB lines, had him debut for the Arizona League Dodgers before he was promoted to the Ogden Raptors.

His contract was bought by the Dodgers and he was promoted to the Majors in 2016 after bouncing around a number of Minor League teams and would make his debut as the starting pitcher for the team on September 4 of that year, playing the San Diego Padres and allowing four runs in six innings en route to a win. His nine strikeouts - without walks - were the second-most by a Dodgers pitcher in a debut. He was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2017 and was again traded to the Cincinnati Reds two years later. The Reds released De Leon in July this year and he agreed to a Minor League deal with the Red Sox in August.

Jose Berrios 

The Toronto Blue Jays pitcher came into pro baseball via the Minnesota Twins, who drafted him in the first round in 2012. He came in as the 32nd pick of the draft and made his professional debut for the Gulf Coast Twins that year before getting promoted to the Elizabethton Twins of the Rookie-level Appalachian League in August.

[caption id="attachment_13234" align="alignnone" width="624"]Puerto Rican Ball Players in the MLB Photo via:[/caption]

Berrios made his way to the majors in April of 2016 and was called up on multiple occasions during the season. He was traded to Toronto in exchange for Austin Martin and Simeon Woods Richardson in July of this year, having made it to the All-Star Game both in 2018 and 2019.

Martin Maldonado

The Houston Astros catcher has been around since 2011, having played for the Milwaukee Brewers, Los Angeles Angels, Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs in the MLB. Maldonado debuted for the Brewers 10 years ago but was selected in the 27th round of the 2004 draft.

The player was awarded both a Colden Glove and Fielding Bible award in 2017. Known for his throwing arm, he foiled 19 of 48 base-stealing attempts this season, which was good enough for the fourth-best caught-stealing percentage in the MLB.

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What You Need to Know Before Retiring in Puerto Rico

 Your retirement should be one of the very best times in your life, and it should offer you the freedom that you don’t have access to when you are harnessed with a full time day job. Many people look for retirement in a place where they can experience temperate climates and beautiful views. Puerto Rico can be an ideal place to spend your retirement but before you can make it happen there are a few things you really need to know. 

Why You Should Retire to Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place that holds a lot of charm for people who are looking to retire and spend their golden years enjoying beauty and fun. One benefit is that there are many different locales for retirement in Puerto Rico, so you can find a place that totally suits your goals for retirement. Some people are most interested in incredible beaches while others are drawn to the city life that Puerto Rico can offer you. 

No matter what you are looking for in your retirement, Puerto Rico can offer it with a relatively low cost of living. That means that your retirement money will stretch farther and help you to get even more out of the best years of your life. 

The Cost of Living 

Back to the cost of living, it is important that you are able to retire in a place where your money will be enough to keep you happy and healthy. Puerto Rico offers just that and may be exactly what you are looking for. The cost of living is significantly lower in Puerto Rico than it is in the United States proper. That means that choosing to live there can help you to get what you need and make sure that you are well taken care of in your retirement. Even just doing things like going out to eat will be more affordable in Puerto Rico and that’s a fact you should take advantage of. 

The Housing Market 

The housing market is also in a great position in Puerto Rico. Taking care of your home expenses when you first move can give you more room to spend your money as you continue living and enjoying life in Puerto Rico. With prices as low as they are you can get a wonderful house for a very small percentage of your retirement budget. That means that the rest of your money can go towards making your retired life as great as it can possibly be. 

Create Your Dream Retirement Home 

Since you are likely to get a great deal on your new home in Puerto Rico, you have a unique opportunity to invest into making that home the best it can be. Remodeling and updating your home will help it to become more efficient and welcoming. You can add all kinds of things from upgrading your kitchen to installing a new deck in your backyard. There are many ways to improve your lifestyle with all the features you can add to a deck. And the better your home becomes the more enjoyment and relaxation you will be able to get from it. 

Great Weather 

Most people are looking to retire in a place that has temperate weather all year long. That makes Puerto Rico an ideal retirement spot and it will ensure that you are comfortable all throughout the year. If you like a tropical climate and the kinds of activities that makes possible, living in Puerto Rico during retirement can be a dream come true. Whether you like to go on adventures or just hang out at the beach, the weather in Puerto Rico is generally ideal and will make every day a little more fun and exciting. Research the weather before moving so you can make sure that you have the things you need to flourish in the climate. 

Ease of Moving 

Most of the time if you are moving out of the country, it can be a huge hassle to deal with immigration and other elements of moving abroad. But since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, moving there couldn’t be easier for US citizens. You won’t need a visa or even to go through customs when you land in Puerto Rico. Instead, you can make yourself right at home and start enjoying your life in your new locale. The ease of moving to Puerto Rico is one of the most important elements to keep in account. 

The Culture 

There is something really beautiful about the culture in Puerto Rico. From the language to the art, there is so much for you to appreciate and learn about throughout your retirement. It is important that you are respectful of that culture and value it, especially if you want to retire in such a beautiful country. As soon as you relocate to Puerto Rico, you should take advantage of the opportunity to get to know the people and the culture and start enjoying that beautiful space. As you become more familiar with the culture, you will learn to love the place even more

Ease of Travel 

One of the best things about living in Puerto Rico is that it puts you in a great position to travel affordably to much of the world. Tickets tend to run cheap in Puerto Rico which makes it an excellent port for your retirement travels. And when you finish traveling you will have a beautiful place to return home to. If you move to Puerto Rico for retirement you should make sure to travel around the whole island and use it as a base to complete your travels around the world. 

Puerto Rico is an amazing place, and it can add a little bit of magic to your retirement. Before making the decision and the move, make sure you have what you need to really make your retirement a success. And then you can enjoy sandy beaches and wonderful culture for years into the future.

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