Monday, August 3, 2020

Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is rich in attractions and activities. You will find an incredible array of things to see and do in the islands. Whether you want the best shopping and dining or desire to trek into the pristine jungle in the heart of the main island, you will find the activities that you demand. Here are some of the most popular options for entertainment and enjoyment in the islands.

San Juan - San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, as well as the capital of refined fun and sophisticated enjoyment. In town, you will find the vast majority of resorts and the finest hotels. You'll also find a diversity of museums (showing off thousands of years of history), shopping and dining. The best restaurants on the island are located in San Juan, as well as the majority of the shopping. Other towns and cities dot the archipelago, but none compare to the diversity boasted by the capital. In addition, this is the place to find adventure guides, tour guides and charters of all types.

Diving - Diving and snorkeling are popular activities in the islands. You'll find numerous areas ideal for exploration and fun. A wide array of sea life is native to the area, while you will also find reefs and wrecks that beg your exploration. San Juan is home to numerous dive companies that offer guided tours, equipment rental and even PADI certification for beginners. Charter a diving or snorkeling tour and find out what lie below the azure waters of the Caribbean.

Fishing - As you can imagine, the sea is an integral part of life throughout the territory. Fishing is a major form of subsistence for many islanders, as well as one of the largest industries in Puerto Rico. Fishing tours offer you the chance to snare game fish like sailfish, marlin, sharks and much more. Charters are available in San Juan, as well as throughout the rest of the island. For the adventurous, setting sail in a local fishing, craft can be an incredible adventure. Charters are also available to outlying islands for secluded enjoyment.

Local Festivals - From sailfish fishing festivals to local arts and crafts festivals, you'll find numerous activities in Puerto Rico throughout the year. Music, dancing, food and merriment are the rules at these gatherings. Whether you want to sample the art and handicrafts of the island or desire to dance the night away around a beach bonfire, you'll find what you want.

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