Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Puerto Rico: Year-Round Destination

Puerto Rico is one of those places that has it all - a climate that is pleasant, sunny and mild year round, fabulous beaches, clear blue waters and world-class luxury accommodations. Puerto Rico also has beautiful rain forests, mountains, perfect waves for surfing, top-ranked golf courses, casinos, fine dining and outdoor activities of every sort. Tennis, hiking, biking, shopping or just sunbathing - there is something in Puerto Rico for everyone and any time of year is perfect, though there are peak seasons when things cost a bit more and reservations at hotels and restaurants may be a little more difficult to book.

The peak tourist season in Puerto Rico are the winter months, when Americans flock to the island to warm their bones and try to regain a semblance of a tan. That’s when prices to hotels are highest so many tourists try to avoid the peak and book rooms in the off-season. The hurricane season has become a popular time for the savvy off-season traveler to visit Puerto Rico. Even though there is a slight chance of booking when bad weather happens to hit, most of the hurricane season is perfect weather and that’s when the hotels and resorts offer the very best prices, making luxury accommodations within reach of the budget-minded traveler. Some 4 star hotels offer rates at around half their normal peak season prices, and even if it does rain, you can spend the day in a nice restaurant, at the casinos or just lounging around your luxurious room.

The winter is a great time to visit as well, but there can be crowds, the prices are higher and it may be difficult to book a room or a restaurant in some of the more popular destinations, like the island of Vieques. However, there are hotels and resorts offering special discounted rates even in the winter months. Hilton Puerto Rico resorts and hotels are offering special rates this winter. The “Puerto Sparkles” promotion features discounts at a number of Puerto Rico Hilton resorts and hotels, including the famous San Juan Hilton, in the capital city.

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