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How to Determine Which Hotels to Stay at During Your Puerto Rican Vacation

 How to Determine Which Hotels to Stay at During Your Puerto Rican Vacation

Puerto Rico is a stunning vacation destination filled with unforgettable cuisine, lively music, and one of the most vibrant cultures you will ever experience. Maybe you’re from or live in Puerto Rico and are looking for a hotel to stay in to take a break from workaday life. While vacationers never plan on spending too much time at the hotel, you can’t be away on an adventure 24/7. Getting some great rest, lounging by the pool and visiting the buffet line are all key parts of the vacationing experience. Therefore, select a hotel that works for you and your family early on. If you need help narrowing it down, use these tips as a useful guide.

Plan Your Budget

You don’t have to plan out every small detail of your vacation. Your budget, on the other hand, should be thorough. Hotels and resorts offer different packages that are suitable for budgets of all types. This raises the question of how much you should spend. If you’re in charge of planning your family’s vacation, draw out these details months in advance whenever possible. Start by creating a maximum budget. How much are you willing to spend on the entire vacation? That includes flights, hotel, food, souvenirs, transportation, and excursions.

To give you an idea to work with, according to Stuffed Suitcase, the average family of four will spend upward of $5000 on a single vacation. However, this number is based on a variety of factors. Where you go and what time of year you decide to vacation are both significant variables, so play with different scenarios and check multiple ticket prices. You can get something as low as $2000 for a complete vacation package during the off-season.

Try to aim for any time between July through August. Flights and hotels are typically cheaper around this time of year. When you have your dates and flights locked down, it’s time to look for a suitable hotel or resort package. Hotel fees should only take up 30 to 40% of your trip’s budget; however, if you’re planning to stay solely at your hotel throughout your vacation, Traveler’s Joy recommends you splurge a little more, especially if it’s an all-inclusive resort. If you're stuck and don't know which one to pick, consider how much of the island you want to explore. If you have a unique experience lined up every day of the week or will be visiting with family and friends, perhaps an inclusive resort isn't the best option. Choose something more economical and with fewer amenities instead.

If the idea of an all-expenses-paid resort sounds like a relaxing dream, make sure you’re getting an excellent value for your money. Check the list of amenities offered. These resorts and hotels should include the cost of your meals and drinks, gratuity, entertainment and lodging all on one bill. It all boils down to price versus convenience. Decide which one ensures that you’ll have a better time.

Check Online Reviews

Sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor have countless reviews of hotels ranging in price and quality. These reviews can help you determine if that 4-star beachside property is worth the high cost, so use them as a valuable resource while searching. According to Podium, hotel reviews typically include pictures that can help you decide which experience you'd prefer. Do you want something secluded and off the coast? Or perhaps a hotel near the ancient ruins would be more suited to your liking. Maybe you need a hotel with an event space.

Also, use the reviews to determine whether it’s a family-friendly resort. Family resorts will have more children running around, so if this could put a damper on your vacation, keep searching. On the flip side, if you have children of your own, and want them to feel comfortable while on vacation, this is a huge plus. Some resorts have kiddie pools so your little ones can splash safely in your line of sight. More so, if you have children, search for a resort with a daycare or kids’ center so that you can drop them off in the morning for a few alone or with your spouse.

Online reviews will also give you a good idea of what kind of food the resort offers. Do you have any dietary restrictions? If so, you want to make sure your hotel of choice will accommodate you.

When checking reviews, read up on the hotel’s customer service. Regardless of their star rating, how do they treat customers and deal with problems that may arise throughout a stay? Is it an overall clean and safe establishment?

Consider the Location and Your Lifestyle

Research the island and pick out things you’d like to do when out exploring. You don’t want these destinations to be far from where you’re staying or else you end up paying way more in rental car fees than you’d originally planned. You also want to consider your lifestyle. Do you love trying new food or can’t wait to have some of your old Puerto Rican favorites? If so, book a hotel close to what Ordinary Traveler calls some of the best eateries on the island. Perhaps you're more active and would rather spend your vacation hiking and swimming. Puerto Rico is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic trails, so stay somewhere that allows you to experience the beauty of nature every day. El Yunque National Forest, for instance, is a top hiking destination. See if you can make it to the top of El Toro for a breathtaking view.

Puerto Rico is a hub of diverse culture and unique sights and sounds. It’s a must-see travel destination for both novice and experienced travelers. If you live in Puerto Rico, it’s wonderful to take a vacation in a resort for a change of pace. However, where you stay can largely influence the quality of your trip. Pick the best hotel to suit you and your family by planning out your budget, checking the online reviews, and taking your lifestyle into account. By ironing out all of the details when planning your dream vacation, and it’ll turn out to be your best one yet.

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