Friday, October 23, 2020

History of the Three Kings Day Celebration

An Important Time 

Every culture has a time of the year that is very  important to them. Puerto Ricans know especially how vital it is to celebrate their heritage. Tradition is important because it offers flavor and spice, it tells the world a story about a certain culture. Three Kings’ Day is a celebration that takes place on January 6th every year.

While Puerto Ricans do celebrate Christmas, this event is not over even when the new year passes. That is because everyone is anxiously awaiting El Dia De Los Reyes. This has also been known as “The Feast of the Epiphany”. If you have celebrated this holiday many times, but are not sure what the meaning is behind it, don’t worry, we are here to help.

The Three Wise Men

This holiday is a celebration of baby Jesus meeting the three wise men. According to the gospel, the wise men found Jesus by following a star across the desert for 12 days. The wise men travelled by horse, camel, and elephant in order to give three gifts with different symbology.

One wise man offered Jesus gold, which was meant to be a symbol of his royal standing. The gift of frankincense told of the divine nature of Jesus, and symbolized that he was not an earthly King, but a son of god. The last gift, myrrh, was a symbol of the mortality of Jesus, and foreshadowed his death. All three symbols were vital for the story of the life of Jesus and the holiday celebration.

A Time of Travel

In order to truly get the most out of a traditional holiday such as the Three Kings’ Day Celebration, it is best to experience the authentic thing. This means that you should travel to Puerto Rico to truly get back to the roots of this holiday.

You don’t even need to go with friends, family, or a spouse. There has been a fast-growing trend where people are traveling solo, which allows them to more profoundly experience events like Three Kings’ Day.

In the story and history of Three Kings’ Day, there was a lot of traveling done by the wise men to find Jesus, so traveling for the holiday is very appropriate. Whether you bring along friends and family is up to you, because anywhere this holiday is  celebrated, you are likely to be welcomed with open arms. 

Many Festivals

Puerto Rican culture is very rich. The Three Kings’ Day celebration is not the only great holiday. There are so many that are celebrated all over the world. The *Puerto Rican Parade of Newark, New Jersey  for example, may be celebrated in America, but it is rich with Puerto Rican culture.

Puerto Rican culture has become so influential and wide spread over the world that it is easy to find it anywhere. These festivals and celebrations often include music, food, dance, clothing, and gifts that all express a unique Puerto Rican flavor that distinguishes them from other holidays.

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